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The Aviation Society, in partnership with the University of Waterloo Department of Aviation, awards individuals that have made significant contributions to our community and to those that have achieved academic success. These awards are presented at the annual Aviation Gala.


2019/2020 Awards:

Jazz Aviation Award for Professionalism and Diversity: Melanie Heins

Jazz Award for Professionalism: Derek MacPherson
Ethan Latifpoor-Keparoutis Scholarship Award:  Ashley Chan

2018/2019 Awards:

Outstanding Contribution and Commitment Award: Dr. Ian McKenzie

Jazz Aviation Award for Professionalism and Diversity: Abraham Ombotimbe

Jazz Award for Professionalism: Dan Chaudhry
Porter Star Award: Zachary Montagnese
Ethan Latifpoor-Keparoutis Scholarship Award: Ashley Gellatly


Director of Aviation Academic Achievement Awards: 

Awarded to the student with the highest academic average in each year of Science and Aviation and Geography and Aviation
First Year Science and Aviation: Maryam Shamsi
First Year Geography and Aviation: Nicholas Azzopardi 
Second Year Science and Aviation: Derek MacPherson
Second Year Geography and Aviation: Robert Guthrie
Third Year Science and Aviation: Zachary Montagnese
Third Year Geography and Aviation: Dan Chaudhry
Forth Year Science and Aviation: Conor Noad
Forth Year Geography and Aviation: Stevenson Staios


Aviation Capstone Awards:
Aviation Safety:
Stevenson Staios and Jakob Dolman; Christian Leonard and John Koumarelas. 
Aviation Sustainability: Santiago Gordillo, Jennifer Park, Nicholas Frankson, and Alessandra Bishai
Human Factors Final Project: John Koumarelas, Zachary Montagnese, Tyler Walker, Mark Mannavan. Jeebum (Kevin) Seo. Joseph Du


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