Who Can Participate: All current UW Aviation Students including those in final year that have not yet commenced but excluding incoming students that have not begun lectures yet. 



Elections for Executive Positions 

Nomination Period: August 31, 2019 to September 3, 2019 at Noon

Campaigning and Voting Period: September 4, 2019 to September 6, 2019

Results Announced: September 7, 2019 

Elections for Year Representative and Support Positions

Mid-September (Exact Dates TBA)

Executive Positions

President (10-15 Hours of Commitment Per Week)

The President ensures that:


  • The club operates according to the guidelines of its constitution, and some agreed upon guidelines for running a meeting, such as Robert’s Rules of Order;

  • The club works towards its objectives as agreed upon by the membership;

  • The executive team is fulfilling the roles, as detailed;

  • Each executive is assigned tasks and meets deadlines to complete the tasks, as required;

  • Operational procedures and policies are instituted, as needed, to help achieve the society’s goals;

  • The representation committee is functioning, the associated representative positions are filled, and concerns brought forward by the committee are addressed;

  • The council offered by those in advisory roles is understood and acted upon, as required.

  • New temporary support positions are created and filled to maintain and run club activities and initiatives, as necessary:

    • The President may create or remove these roles (including, but not limited to: Website Designer, Social Media Coordinator, Merchandise Coordinator, etc.) and appoint a group member to fulfill the role, as necessary; and

  • The next President is trained.


VP Finance and Admin (5-10 Hours of Commitment Per Week)

The Vice-President, Finance and Administration (VP Finance & Admin) ensures that:


  • The club’s Feds bank account and all financial transactions for the club are monitored and verified;

  • All club revenues are collected, deposited into the club’s Feds bank account, and reconciled correctly and within a timely manner;

  • A suitable annual budget is created and presented to the executives and revised throughout year, as necessary;

  • Club cheque requests are submitted correctly and in a timely manner;

  • Meeting minutes are recorded by the VP Finance & Admin, or delegate, and made available to all voting members;

  • Records of what the group has done are maintained, distributed, and are accessible to all the members;

  • All club correspondence is monitored and brought to the attention of the appropriate person(s);

  • The duties of the President are undertaken in his/her absence; and

  • The next VP Finance & Admin is trained.


VP Marketing (5-10 Hours of Commitment Per Week)

The Vice-President, Marketing (VP Marketing) ensures that:


  • A website is created, maintained, updated regularly with pertinent news and content, as necessary;

  • Social media channels are created, maintained and updated regularly with pertinent news and content, as necessary;

  • All other marketing initiatives are organized and undertaken, as required; 

  • The next VP Marketing is trained.


VP Outreach (5-10 Hours of Commitment Per Week)

The Vice-President, Outreach (VP Outreach) ensures that:


  • Outreach initiatives to other aviation organizations are completed in coordination with the President;

  • Sponsorship initiatives are completed in coordination with the VP Finance & Admin and the President;

  • Outreach to alumni involved in the aviation industry; and

  • The next VP Outreach is trained.


VP Events (5-10 Hours of Commitment Per Week)

The Vice-President, Events (VP Events) ensures that:


  • The Aviation Society’s Networking and Social events are effectively run throughout the year;

  • Ideas and proposals for new events are considered;

  • Budgeting for events is coordinated with the VP Finance & Admin and the President; and

  • The next VP Events is trained.

Questions and Concerns:

The elections will be run by the current executives (2018/2019 academic year) that are not running in the election. If you have any concerns, or you wish to modify, or withdraw your nomination, please email info@uwaviation.com.



Please submit your nomination below:

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