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Who Can Participate: All current UW Aviation Students including those in final year that have not yet commenced (or those that commenced at the 2022 Spring commencement) but excluding incoming first-year students that have not begun lectures yet can participate in this election. Of those able to participate, only students that are going to be enrolled in full-time studies at UW during the 2022/2023 academic year may run for a position.



Elections for Executive, Year Representative, and Program Representatives) 

Self Nomination Period: July 4 2022 to July 11, 2022 at 1200EDT

Campaigning and Voting Period: July 12, 2022 to July 19, 2022 at 2359EDT

Results Announced: July 22, 2022

Elections/Appointments for First Year Representative and Coordinator Support Positions

Mid-Late September (Dates TBD by newly elected executive council)

All candidates are displayed in alphabetical order. Campaign messages are posted unaltered, as submitted by the nominees. 

Note: There will be no voting for the  President, Third Year Representative, Fourth Year Representative, Aviation Specialization Representative, and Science Representative positions. The candidates are uncontested.


Hey there! I’m Tyler, beginning my fourth year of Science and Aviation, and I’m running to represent you as UWAS President for the 2022-2023 year.


For all of us, we became student pilots amid a pandemic that brought challenge upon challenge, but what I’ve discovered through it all is the resiliency that fuels the people in our program. We’re passionate, and we’ve got grit. As UWAS President, I aim to harness that spirit and provide more opportunities to connect with industry and pilots, more solutions to frustrations you have, and more core experiences to set ourselves up for our careers.


I had the absolute honour of being your VP Outreach this past year. Over the last few months, I worked with various contacts across the industry to help bring in funding for our aviation initiatives, including hosting our 2022 UW Aviation Gala, the first one since 2019. Alongside an incredible team this year, I was able to gain invaluable insight into the logistics and connections required to reliably provide our students with the most memorable opportunities possible.


In a role that requires responsibility, a passion for listening to others and the experience to make that happen, rest assured that you’re in good hands. As I hopefully enter my third year involved with UWAS, I will continue to make sure our society heads in a direction focused on serving the students, and not solely the members of UWAS — founded on a vision of trust, integrity and openness.


We’ve made it through a turbulent year, and with how things are going, I have a feeling this is the start of a bright new chapter for aviation at Waterloo. So are you ready for departure? Because I sure am.


Hey Everyone!


My name is Abhijith and I'm excited to run for the position of VP events for this academic year. As the current VP of events, I've really enjoyed being a part of the society's transition back into in person events and I look forward to build upon that work in the coming year. With the pandemic declining sharply and regulations easing up, my goals for next year involve arranging more in person year group events, bring along more career fairs and information sessions and finally organize tours and UWAS sponsored trips. The major event that I am most excited for is our Annual UWAS Gala. Playing a part in organizing the event last year was a truly wonderful experience and I hope to continue putting in work to make next year's event even better.


With my two years of UWAS experience (council+ exec team), 2 years as the director of Science and Aviation at the Faculty of Science Foundation and numerous other volunteering roles within and outside of aviation, I believe I have the required skillset to ensure UWAS continues to grow it's presence in the UW community and the aviation industry.


I greatly appreciate your support for my campaign and eagerly look forward to serving you as the UWAS VP Events!


Hello fellow aviators! My name is Anas and I am a fourth year science and aviation student (started my training little late so currently getting close to my PPL). I will be running for VP events this year which I am truly passionate for this role. Successful event ends with more connections. Through my past experience of setting up events during high school or university, I have learnt that well planned thrilling events spark new connections. With that in mind, I have a lot of exciting ideas to share and implement to spark the flame particularly given my past experience and past years of ( virtual vs in-person events). I am looking forward to the new school year and hope to be able to serve you all year as the VP events!

IMG_1126 (1).jpg

Hi everyone! My name is Bhavesh Sheemar. I am in my 4A semester as a Geography and Aviation student. I am running for the position of VP Finance and Administration. I am also an international student from Bahrain. Flying can get expensive and even the smallest margins of money saved is desired. As an executive in UWAS, my goal is to financially make a positive difference for my fellow aviation students. I believe, my passion for aviation, our community and our aviation society will help drive me to achieve this. Previously, I was the Geography Representative to the Aviation society. I am also the Vice President Finance for the University of Waterloo Cricket Club. I believe my previous experiences can help me exceed in this role. What motivated me to run for this role? I was part of the council last year and absolutely enjoyed every moment that I spent working with other UWAS members. I enjoyed all the preparation that went on to organizing Career Day as well as the Gala Dinner. So, for this upcoming year, I’ve decided to take up a new challenge and a bigger role representing all of you!


I’m a 4th year Science and Aviation student working towards my CPL license . I was the event’s coordinator for UWAS this year and hope to be the in the aviation society once again as the VP marketing and admin.


If elected, my plan is to work on budgeting and expanding the reach of the society so that we as students have even greater opportunities for making connections in the industry!


Working with the previous VP marketing and Admin, I had a keen interest in performing such duties. In my eyes this role is an intermix of an accountant and events manager. As a 4th year I would like to set aside a considerable amount of time for this role and be active for the whole year.


Thank you for voting for me!

Image (1).jpeg

I am Aleck Covaci, a second year Science and Aviation student. Being in love with aviation for all my life has prompted me to find unique and creative ways to share my passion with others in whichever way I could. From a young age, you would find me at school fairs, or in classroom projects where I'd integrate flying into what I was doing. That being said, my most recent years have been working with social media platforms, and bringing forth my own unique perspective of flight to a global audience. My work has been featured by industry giants such as Airbus, and by airports such as Toronto, Waterloo, Frankfurt and Vancouver. I have also had airlines far and wide appreciate the work I upload, all the way from Flair to Emirates. More so, I've been interviewed by Skies Magazine, and have presented a TEDx talk on why planes still need pilots. I am no stranger to working with the general public, especially in regards to aviation. Waterloo's Aviation society has a strong social platform, and thus, the position of VP Marketing requires a candidate that has experience with creating a platform which effectively presents and engages an audience within the respected field brought forward. I see those characteristics within me, and want to branch out my experience into pushing Waterloo's aviation program further.


For more details on what I do and my experiences, please feel free to check out the following:

Instagram: alt.restrictions.clrd

LinkedIn: Aleck Covaci


Everyone has written paragraphs upon paragraphs as to why you should vote for them. But, that’s not great marketing. So, let me save you some time and give you the quick rundown.


- I’m David Pham, 3A Science and Aviation minoring in Physics and Astrophysics


- I run a company called RegDesigns where I lead the formulation of business plans with clear and actionable sales goals


- I received the award for Marketing of Goods and Services in my grade 10 business cohort


- I am a freelance junior front end web developer meaning I am fluent in HTML, CSS, and JS (I can make you a website)


- For 3 years, I was a freelance graphics designer creating YouTube banners and logos for online influences


- I led social media marketing campaigns at RegDesigns and successfully got the company a partnership with Asobo Studios, the creators behind Microsoft Flight Simulator

david election photo.jpg

Hi, my name is Kyra Jarvis, and I am entering my fourth and final year of Science and Aviation. I am running for the position of VP of marketing, and aim to create a unique, creative, and interactive atmosphere through both our social media and in person, whether at the flight centre or university. Our generation has found themselves surrounded by social media as a way to connect and stay up to date on happening events. I believe that maintaining and expanding our aviation platform through socials is a great way to keep the aviation community and its other surrounding communities in the loop and close together. I aim to also focus on the style and aesthetic that the aviation society has kept up and hope to bring forward many unique ideas to the team. I will help to maintain and keep our aviation websites and social media platforms interactive and up to date in our aviation community, whether that be through Instagram reels, stories, or posts!


My name is Miranda and I am going into 4th year Science and Aviation. I believe I would be best for this position since I was part of the society when I was in first year, as the first year representative, I got to learn a lot about the society's operations behind the scene and be part of the process of all the amazing events. As the VP of Marketing I really want to use this opportunity to bring the aviation community closer together, using our platform and resources to bring more awareness toward our amazing aviation program and community. I would also be sure to using our social media as well as website to provide essential and updated information to our aviation students to help ease the process of finding event information and aviation related resources. I feel that I am ready to take on a leadership role in the society, as I have been in the position where I was able to learn a lot from the VPs and president then. I would love the opportunity to be a part of the aviation society once again, working with the team to bring everyone the best year possible.


My name is Axel Subotincic and I am just finishing my 3C term of Geography and Aviation. I am currently working on doing my CPL flight test and am trying to finish my night PIC cross country hours for the ATPL (albeit slowly with such long days).


As VP outreach, I would ensure the society takes advantage of every opportunity to reach out to and invite industry professionals in aviation to our many events, in order to give students as many chances as possible to build lasting and meaningful industry connections. Since aviation is such a network-oriented industry, I believe that it is of utmost importance to help future industry professionals find mentors who are already working in the field. One of my favorite event types is when alumni of the programs at the university come to talk to us and answer our questions, so I would do my best to increase the number of these events.


I believe I am a good fit for this position, because I love meeting new people and I enjoy seeing lasting industry connections being built between students and professionals through the society's events.


My name is Jacob Santos Bouckley and I am entering my second year in the Geography and Aviation program. My first year at Waterloo was a memorable one filled with many opportunities for growth in my personal, academic, and social life. It is my hope to use my knowledge and skills to contribute to Waterloo’s Aviation Society, and also to learn and collaborate with my peers to enhance student experience and engagement. I am running for the Vice President Outreach position and hope to continue to offer a place for learning, networking, teamwork, and community for aviation students at the University of Waterloo.


Last year, I was selected to be the Diversity Coordinator for the Aviation Society, and was also invited to assume the role of Marketing Coordinator later in the year. Due to Covid restrictions there were limitations to my role, however it was valuable to attend the meetings and take part in the organization of events and resources for aviation students. I learned more about the opportunities available to me and my peers, as well as areas we can continue to grow. In the role of VP Outreach, I wish to make a greater contribution to collaborate and support society projects related to diversity, equity and inclusion. I would also like to utilize my experience with seeking sponsorships, to reach out to local businesses to support initiatives and events hosted by the University of Waterloo’s Aviation Society. It is my hope as well, to reach out to Alumni and the greater Aviation community to lead workshops and webinars for professional growth and development. As VP Outreach, I will strive to create an inclusive environment that is welcoming, supportive, resourceful, and professional where all students feel connected.


Hi everyone, my name is Jeremy Weisberg. I will be starting my 4A term of Science and Aviation in the fall. I am running to represent you in the VP Outreach position this coming year.


My goal as VP Outreach is to use existing and new connections in order to further benefit you. This includes an easier transition to your first flying job, more networking opportunities, career workshops, social events, and a stronger voice for the student body when it comes to both the flying and academic portions of our programs.


This past year I held the Science Representative position on UWAS. I worked with our academic advisors, program coordinators, and SciSoc to bring positive change to both the science and aviation community. I have also volunteered as a mentor, TA, and as an executive of multiple clubs. Recently I have led an effort to create the first aviation orientation which will take place in the fall.


I understand very well the workings of UWAS, WUSA, the Flight Centre, the University, and other external organizations, and believe my understanding and experience will prove invaluable for all aviation students.


As the VP outreach for UWAS I want to focus more on the students. Specifically, I have the connections and tools to improve communication with the Flight Centre, academic advisors, and other students. New initiatives I would like to introduce would include a ride sharing program, a push for transport to the airport through connections in government, and expanding our professional and alumni network. Most importantly, I will ensure that each student has access to all the resources and connections UWAS has to offer, and allow students to openly participate in the aviation community. Students should not have to be on UWAS to share their ideas and inspire change, and I will ensure this.


As our programs and industry continue to grow, I feel more inspired than ever to do good for our community. With my knowledge, experience, passion, ideas, opportunities and connections, I believe I am the best choice to represent you as VP outreach this coming year.


Thank you.


Hello, my name is Ravnaaz! I’m currently working towards my CPL flight test and going into my 4th year of science and aviation. Last year, I got to work with the society as a third year representative. That role helped me learn a lot, I created a lot of memories, and also helped me connect with my peers. This year, I would like to run for VP outreach. Whilst working in the society I saw how important and vital this role is to us. It’s a responsibility of bringing in aviation industry members to come and connect with us students. Whilst also, creating Opportunities for UW aviation students to learn and create unique connections within the industry. Compared to last year, I wish to bring in much more smaller, niche, and intimate networking events, as well as some big events. Also, this year I hope to reach out to various types of aviation industry members, providing more connections and clarity to different pathways within aviation. Working within the society last year gave me a good glimpse into what this role requires and I believe my openness to fit this role. As well, the role of third year representative did help the VPs at times during the year, allowing me to learn how the role works.


Hello! I am Anushka Kaisar and I’m going into my 2A term of geography and aviation this fall. As your second-year representative, I am bringing a fresh perspective to the table. I am friendly, determined and always open to listening.


Over the past year, my love and passion for our aviation community has grown a lot, and my biggest goal is to foster a strong, supportive and fun community among us second year students. Like everyone in the program, you belong here, so I will help promote well-being and develop a sense of community. Additionally, I will establish smooth communication between you and the society, to ensure that you are heard.


I have a whole list of ideas of fun events for next year, and I hope to bring the science, geography, and aviation specialization students together. I would love your support in doing so; let’s have a great year together!

Anushka Kaisar.jpeg

Hello, my name is Arham Ghuman, and I am running for second-year representative. It has been my pleasure to meet many of you, but due to the pandemic, I have not been able to meet everyone. However, I will certainly meet more of you when we begin our flight training at the flight center in September.

I'm originally from Mississauga, but I currently reside in Waterloo. I retain experience as a student council representative, and I have worked with other clubs indirectly to help them come up and set up their events. This gives me a solid foundation from which to carry out my duties as a second-year representative with the utmost quality.

As we prepare to begin flight training this year, I know many of us will face many challenges. Therefore, I am committed to creating a stress-free, fun, and united environment where we can all come together to uplift and support one another.

One way in which I would like to create a stress-free, fun and united environment is by holding weekly game nights. Where we could all come together, talk, play, and eat snacks. As well as creating a desired atmosphere, this will also help all of us meet, and network with one another, which we all know is so critical in our industry.

I believe I am the best fit for this position as I am convinced that I will be able to bring new ideas to the table where we are able to create an inclusive and welcoming environment. The past year has allowed me to gather and create new and creative ideas that will make our aviation society more welcoming and inclusive through fun events planned. I plan on putting all my effort into helping build an environment that is welcoming and supportive.


Hello! My name is Jason, and I am entering my second year in the Geography and Aviation Program. Ever since I was young, I have always thought about the type of office or workspace that I would work in when I grew up, whether that was a Lawyer’s office or a Real Estate office. Never did I think that it was conceivable to have an office 35,000 feet above the ground until I realized it was possible to achieve a career as a pilot. Through the years, as a young spectator of the industry, I thought that pilots were held to very high standards and exhibited much professionalism, and I wanted to challenge myself to do the same.


Much like yourselves, I realized I wanted to be a part of something mankind was never meant to achieve; my eyes were set on accomplishing my goal of becoming a pilot. We have gone through some difficult challenges in our first year but also had many positive moments. Our first year rep, did an amazing job in guiding us and supporting us throughout our initial year. I plan on doing a similar job but taking it one step further. I feel as though we as an aviation community need to build an even stronger bond by organizing more meetings and activities for us to partake in order to build that camaraderie with one another. I want to see everyone succeed to the best of their ability and in order to do this we must support each other.


Therefore, this will be my focus for this year: building the bond between all students in order to be successful. Due to the inevitable COVID-19, many of us were not able to see each other much in person, especially in the first term. As well, the delay for everyone to start flight training was another major setback. I, myself, decided to take up WWFC’s offer to complete my PPL at another flight school. I am just about done with my PPL with about 60 hours. With this being said, I will already be coming to WWFC with experience and a completed PPL and with the experience I have, I want to help everyone through the ups and downs of flight training. Acquiring our PPL is a major milestone in our careers and it should be enjoyed and celebrated. We all may have unique goals that we have set for ourselves but we can push each other to achieve these goals and hopefully the bond we create this year will be cherished for a lifetime.

If you ever need help or have any questions feel free to reach out on instagram (@jasonsimrak7).


Hi everyone!


My name is Mark. In September, I will be entering my 2A term of Geography and Aviation. I am your First Year Representative, and I would love the chance to represent you all for another academic year!


As the Second Year Representative, I would build on my experience to organize more events for our class. I was a key member of the team organizing the UWAS Paintball Night. I helped coordinate the timing, the payment, and the free pizza for the event. Furthermore, the VP of Finance and I set up the UWAS Bowling Night this past June, where participants could enjoy 1.5 hours of bowling, unlimited pizza, and unlimited soda for just $12.50.


In addition to hosting these activities again when we are all on campus, I want to help set up the skiing event we were unable to host earlier this year. As your Second Year Representative, I would continue organizing and communicating events with everyone far enough in advance. I would love to set up some more casual meetups around campus for us to get to know each other as well.


Lastly, I promise to continue opening lines of communication for everyone I would represent in this position. Prior to September, I would gauge interest in establishing a new, accessible group chat exclusively for the aviation community where everyone feels comfortable expressing themselves. I would also continue sending out the same type of prompt email updates as I did this past year.


If you feel I did a good job as your First Year Representative, your vote would mean a lot to me. Please reach out if you have any questions!! My Outlook email is, my Instagram is @markmaulucci, and my Snapchat is @mmm943.


All the best,



Hey everyone! My name is Marcus Wilson and I am going into my third year of Science and Aviation with a double minor in physics and astrophysics. In my training, I am about to get my sign off for my commercial license in the coming weeks, and will be starting multi in the fall.


The reason I want to be the third year rep is because over the previous year, I was your second year rep, and I really enjoyed doing it. I enjoyed attending UWAS meetings to advocate on your behalf about events or decisions to make sure you would get the most enjoyment. I also enjoyed getting to know many more people in the program, whether they were second years or other years, and I want to continue to do the same in the future. Over the previous year, I sent out emails to all the second years as well as sent messages to group chats about events or polls, and if elected, I will continue to do the same next year, as it did prove as a relatively effective way of getting your opinion and bringing people out to events.


The community in this program is really what makes it special, so even if I am not re-elected to be your year rep, I want to thank all the 2024 students for giving me this amazing opportunity over the last year. I hope it is not over yet, and I am looking forward to seeing you all for a fantastic 2022/2023 year ahead!

Marcus Wilson.jpg
UWAS 4th Year Rep Pic.jpg

My Name is Michael Dawson, many of you may know me as Mikey for short. I am entering in my fourth year of Geography and Aviation and Im working on my Multi-Engine rating at the moment.

Im running for Fourth Year Rep due to the fact that there is a lot of things I want to see reformed and implemented for the wellbeing of those in our program especially for those who don’t have a car or feel alienated as they may be originally from outside of Ontario and even Canada. I have experienced both of those struggles and love taking to everyone in my year, and have a plan for a better ‘rideshare’ carpool system, along with ideas for more UWAS events.

Furthermore, I want to help arrange more events with industry professionals for the year and the program to help give more of our peers insight and inspiration into the diversity of options available in the industry and what each one has to offer.

Im confident my skills can help communicate issues, concerns and general feedback from the student bodies to whoever needs to hear it.


Hi, I'm Alexzandra Wojtala and I’m entering my 2A term of Geography and Environmental Management, Aviation Specialization. My enthusiasm towards the aviation community as well as expressing the views, opinions, and concerns of the aviation specialization students has motivated me to become involved within the society! During my representative period, I will aim to bring a larger recognition to our specialization as well as integrating our student community with the general aviation population. Through the collaboration, I hope to have our specialization involved in the large aviation events. During my first year, the aviation community has given me many supports and opportunities and I would like to continue this through personal interactions between both current and former students, aviation professionals and organized events. I believe through my amiable personality and my eagerness to connect with students, this opportunity to become the representative can lead to many exciting collaborations!


Hey everyone, my name is Jacob. I am entering my 4th year of Science and Aviation and I am currently starting my IFR training. For the past 3 years of my studies, I have mainly taken chemistry courses. Running for the science representative, I aim to improve the presence of the aviation program and the aviation society within the science community on campus. Throughout my studies in the past 3 years, it felt like the science and aviation have been two separate thing and never relate to one another. I believe the science community could be more involved with our activities and events such as the gala and career days. Furthermore, I aim to make our aviation society more involve in the science activities especially for first years orientation. I believe I am the best fit for this position because I enjoy sharing experience on science courses and activities with other science students and I look forward to working with other science students. I strive to understand the concerns of science and aviation students and want to improve our experience within the program and the faculty. Furthermore, I enjoy helping others and since the science representative role does not require that much time commitment, this would enable to me assist other members in the society when they need it.


Hi everyone, my name is Charlotte and I am going into my third year of geography and aviation. The first memory I have about pursuing a career of becoming a pilot was when I was in grade seven. My teacher gave my class a, “get to know you better” questionnaire with the last question being “what is your dream career?” I thought about the question for a long time, trying to envision my future self and who I wanted to be. I decided to write down my dream of becoming a pilot in the aviation industry, with the only downside I could think of at the time was that I would eat too much junk food on the long flights. However, that concern of course did not hold me back, as it has since been my career objective and passion to become a commercial airline pilot.


I believe I would be a great representative voice for the geography and aviation program, as I put a lot of importance on my academics, I have a lot of amazing connections within the program and will give my full attention to the needs and cares of the student body that I would be representing. I am a strong advocate for community involvement, volunteering, and student leadership. Throughout my life I have always valued the importance of creating a positive impact on the community. Since I have been on campus, I have focused on becoming more engaged in my program by attending the aviation society’s events, volunteering for Girls Can Fly at WWFC, and other leadership opportunities in the university. I would bring enthusiasm and positive energy to the team. When I commit to something, I will always commit one hundred percent. I look forward to strengthening my relationship with the geography and aviation community and building lifelong connections!


My name is Kaai (Kai). I am entering my 4th year in Geography and Aviation, doing both Geomatics specialization and EDGE certificate program. Flight-training wise, I started this year off having my CPL then multi-rating done and am currently doing IFR training.
As we are resuming in-person classes, I am sure most of us, including myself, find the transition overwhelming and quite challenging, now that finals are not online quizzes anymore. Jokes aside, it is in my best interest to help my peers navigate through the program with my knowledge and experience of the coursework and flight training.
As I was a mentor as part of the Mentor-Mentee program in Winter 2022, I am familiar with the struggles and setbacks first- and second-year have had due to the pandemic. Not only that, I was fortunate enough to have talked to and worked with academic advisors, professors, and city officials as part of my university and Geomatics work. Therefore, it is fair to say I can point you all to the right people. Lastly, as I am finishing off my last phase of training, I will be sure to have time dedicated to assisting everyone with whatever academic problems you might have, be it the university work, preparing for your progress rides and flight tests, or simply choosing your cross-country route! (Sarnia, and definitely NOT Tobermory).

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