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Please read carefully before participating in the election process.


All current UW Aviation Students, including those in their final year that have not yet convocated, but excluding incoming first-year students that have not begun lectures yet can participate in this election. Of those able to participate, only students that are going to be enrolled in full-time studies at UW during the 2023/2024 academic year may run for a position.


The successful candidate will be the one with the most votes.  In the case of a candidate winning two positions, the candidate will choose their preferred position (after being contacted by UWAS) and a run-off election for the remaining candidates of the other position will be conducted. In the case of a tie, a re-vote will take place until the tie is broken. 

Nominees were eligible to run for up to two positions: President, and/or one executive position, and/or one representative position.


Elections for Executive, Year Representative, and Program Representative positions

  • Nominations Open - Monday, March 27, 2023

  • Nominations Close - Wednesday, Apr 5, 2023

  • Campaign Begins - Friday, April 7, 2023

  • Voting opens - Monday, April 10, 2023

  • Voting closes - Monday, April 17, 2023

  • Run-off elections (If needed) - Wednesday, April 19 - Friday, April 21, 2023

  • Results Announced: At the Aviation Gala on April 29, 2023

*First-year representative and council coordinator positions will open in the Spring to Fall term of 2023.


All candidates are displayed in alphabetical order. Campaign messages and images are posted unaltered, as submitted by the nominees. 


Hi everyone! My name is Charlotte, I’m going into my fourth year of the Geography and Aviation program, and I’m running for President of UWAS.

My dedication to going above and beyond and my enthusiasm for aviation is the perfect combination that will make me an exceptional fit for president. I have served on the UWAS council as Geography Representative for almost a year now, where I have been able to gain valuable insight and knowledge of the Aviation Society’s operations and responsibilities. Throughout my experience on council, I have had the opportunity to become a team leader for Intro Day, act as a mentor, volunteer for Industry Day, and contribute my time to social/networking events organized by UWAS. Alongside my commitment to the aviation community, I have been elected on my Sorority’s chapter Council as VP External. In this position, it has provided me the chance to expand my leadership skills as I spearheaded the execution of social and philanthropic events. My experience in both my Sorority’s Chapter Council and UWAS will be an asset to my role as president. This position involves someone who has had past experience with similar responsibilities and who understands how to delegate, ensure deadlines are met, and can effectively collaborate with a dedicated team.

I strive to support and engage the students by focusing on more social events throughout the term in order to grow strong connections with their peers. Furthermore, I would use the guidance of the past executive team to execute and organize events that were new to UWAS this year and ensure seamlessness by learning from the challenges they faced through the initial phases of planning. I hope to empower and motivate the VPs and council members of UWAS in guaranteeing a great year of networking, developing important skills, and socializing for all students.

3EB6F39C-E10B-4DC3-8724-E37FADCF8E57 - charlotte thorley.JPG
Marcus Wilson - Marcus Wilson.jpg

Hey everyone, my name is Marcus and I’m in 3rd year Science and Aviation. In flying, I am finishing multi IFR and instructor rating, and in school I am studying physics and astrophysics. I am currently the 3rd year rep on UWAS, and was previously the 2nd year rep.

As all of the execs are graduating this year, the new team will have a lack of experience and a lot of work, so while I don’t expect to be able to fill the role as well as some of our previous presidents, the experience I do have and conditions over the next few months makes me most appropriate to fill the position. Having been on UWAS for two years now, as well as only having 2 courses left next year, I have the most experience of the remaining members and a significant amount of free time. My goal in being president will be to prepare the team for events next year long in advance to provide sufficient time to make up for the difficulties we will encounter due to our inexperience. In addition, I plan to further structure the society so that more members can be more actively involved in the higher levels of planning events. This would ensure that in the future, even if many experienced members were to graduate, there would still be others comfortable taking charge, unlike this year.

My current academic schedule has me graduating in December, meaning that another election would have to be conducted in the fall for a replacement. I want to be as transparent as possible, and ensure you are aware that voting for me is betting that the progress I make in frontloading and organizing ahead of time will outweigh the difficulties the team faces in replacing a president later on.


Hello! My name is Jason, and I am entering my third year in the Geography and Aviation Program, and I am running to represent you as VP of events for the 2023-2024 year.

Much like yourselves, I realized I wanted to be a part of something mankind was never meant to achieve; my eyes were set on accomplishing my goal of becoming a pilot. I feel as though we as an aviation community need to build an even stronger bond by organizing more meetings and activities for us to partake in order to build that camaraderie with one another. I also understand that given this is our third year, we are beginning to dive deeper into the financial challenges of pursuing careers in aviation, especially as we start time building towards our CPL.

Therefore, this will be my focus for this year: building the bond between all students in order to be successful, providing more aviation focused experiences, and tackling financial hardships in the program. I found in previous years we have had some opportunities to get together as a community and build strong relationships with one another. What I plan on doing this year if elected is provide more aviation focused trips, for example, a tour of the Westjet Hanger at YYZ is something that I can organize with my connections. Other ideas include tours of London or Pearson Airports, possibly a group trip to the London Airshow to represent UWAS. Furthermore, I do not want to reveal too much right now because I am in early stages, but I am hopeful in kickstarting a movement to bring awareness to various levels of government the financial hardship us pilots go through in this program, and I am looking for ways that we can reduce this burden and make the future of this program more enjoyable. We all may have unique goals that we have set for ourselves, but we can push each other to achieve these goals and hopefully the bond we create and the difference we make this year and the next will be cherished for a lifetime.

If you ever need help or have any questions, feel free to reach out on Instagram (@jasonsimrak7) or by email (

IMG_1502 - Jason Simrak.JPEG
DSC02134 - Jerry Jia.jpg

Hello, I am Jerry and I am currently a first year Science and Aviation student that is going into second year. I am honor to be able to run for the VP Events position this year for the University of Waterloo Aviation Society.
From my understanding, VP Events is someone who is resposible for bring everyone enjoyable experieneces through creating various different EVENTS all over the year. As a fellow undergrad, I understand the stress and the perplexity that are almost always around us. My goal that I wish to achieve if I get elected as the VP Events would be to be able to bring different types of EVENTS and create new and more exiting occassions with all of you. I want to be able to get to know more people through those events and be able to help create unforgivable memories for the next year.
I am Jerry and I thank you for reading what I have to say. If you want to know more about me, feel free to follow me on instagram @fly_with_jerry and/or @jerry_jhy_jia. I hope I can get your vote.


Hello! My name is Preksha and next year I’ll be entering my 3A term of Science and Aviation. This year I had the exciting opportunity of working alongside an extraordinary UWAS team as the Events Coordinator to foster a community for aviation students, and I have an abundance of event ideas that I can make happen next year.

The biggest event I have planned is conducting ATC Tower tours to explore the tower and meet the controllers! I’ll host spontaneous activities like tubing, paintball, bowling, and escape rooms, alongside intimate events like movie, painting, karaoke, and trivia/bingo nights where students can connect. I thrive to arrange more on-campus events to introduce new opportunities without compromising accessibility.

I want to encourage fundraising events, and more free events every month aside from general meetings. For example, I intend to do cookie decorating or pumpkin carving for Halloween, plus gingerbread house building or a holiday dinner for Christmas. I will also organize intramurals for aviation students and host study sessions and exam de-stressors.

For networking, I wish to arrange more personalized and intimate events where students can sustain worthwhile connections. I want to organize an Alumni Day to help us gain valuable insights on future pathways that are open for Waterloo students, how we can attain them, and be well-informed of any application deadlines (especially for upper years). Furthermore, I will arrange events for resume building and cover letter writing, drop-in sessions to have them edited, and workshops explaining the process of filling out applications for scholarships and post-graduation pathway programs. Above all, I ascertain to host these beneficial events on weekends to avoid scheduling conflicts with classes.

With my dedication and commitment, I promise to give my attention to serving your needs to make your time in the program memorable. We have a strong aviation society, but I want to nurture an even stronger aviation community. It'll be my absolute honor to help you unite with your goals as your VP Events!

UWAS Image - Preksha Shah.jpeg

My name is Ayesha Jehan, and I will be entering my third year of Science and Aviation
in Fall 2023. In terms of flight training, I will be working on CPL time building/night rating soon. Last term was my very first term on campus and I got to participate in many aviation society events, and volunteer for some of them. As a result of my interactions with many of you, I came to understand how much I valued meeting individuals with similar interests and decided I should take the effort to play a bigger role in this.

Any organization's financial system is its foundation. To ensure long-term success,
it is crucial to have someone in this position who can make thoughtful decisions. I understand the importance of budgeting and execute it in some form every single day, whether that’s to do with the grocery shopping I did this morning, or preparing a business plan for my upcoming small business in May (yay!). Being an international student, I have had to budget and be mindful of money in many instances like with flight training, university expenses, and living alone. Additionally, I have had professional experience in high school, where I had to budget for the annual fashion and talent show.

As VP Finance for UWAS, my objective is to allocate the funds in the most efficient way possible. I promise to be responsible, accessible and accountable: responsible, by carrying out all my obligations and by being transparent so other members understand our financial standing; accessible, by being available to answer any queries that you may have and by making our budget a team effort between the other execs; accountable, by making sure that I complete the tasks and budget plans in due time and by always being present and always be available to lend a helping hand to the other executives, representatives and coordinators of UWAS!

Thank you for considering me

7E2E7751-77F3-4C16-8232-D9B99E2E8D9F - a
Image - jonathan man.jpg

My name is Jonathan, I'm currently about to start my 3A term in the Science and Aviation Program. I'm looking for your vote today, as I would be extremely grateful to serve you within UWAS as VP Finance and Administration. Recognizing that with the ever rising cost of everyday living, every small amount that you can save is valuable. I strive to make a substantial financial difference for our aviation society and most importantly, you.

What makes me qualified? I have had extensive financial and administrative experience both outside and within the university, and I feel these experiences more than prepare me for this role. Externally, I have been able to help community organizations reconcile meeting minutes for the purpose of archives. For myself personally, I've been able to sustain a substantial portion (40+%) of my flight training costs annually to credit card related rewards alone. Internally within the University, I have worked with other WUSA-affiliated clubs, including UWCCF to manage large recurring expenses and introduce surpluses in the general budget of as much as 5%. Within the same club, I have also had the experience of organizing an externally situated graduate send-off dinner, similar in style to the Annual UW Aviation Gala.

I intend to apply my financial and administrative expertise to ensure your interests are placed first and foremost, and that the relationship between UWAS and you, as a student, grad, or alumni, is as best as it can be. I hope to have to opportunity to represent and work with you, thank you for your vote, and your time!


Hi fellow aviators. I am Nigel Wijeweera, a third-year Science and Aviation student minoring in Biology. My passion for aviation started early on after my uncle gifted me a toy airplane for my 5th birthday. Ever since then, the aviation "bug" has stuck with me. Since then, I have worked tremendously in fulfilling my childhood dream of becoming an airline pilot. After two years of flight training and perseverance, I am currently working on attaining my Group 1 IFR rating at WWFC.

As aviators, we must give back to our community, strengthening it further. I want to start
giving back to the aviation community early on by joining the University of Waterloo Aviation Society for the VP of Finance and Administration position. I will monitor and record the club's correspondence and maintain our society's integrity along with other executives.

My previous experiences in a student council, Athletic council President, volunteering in
aviation events, and overall listening to a student body will ensure my support to our aviation community at Waterloo. With my training experience, I have also become an upper-year mentor for UWAS by assisting incoming students with advice on flight training/school and motivating one another in our community.

My Instagram handle is nigew__ (two underscores). I use my platform to share positivity
and hope I inspire the next generation of aviators, as others have always inspired me. Please consider voting for me for VP of Finance and Administration during this election period. I look forward to this opportunity to connect with everyone via UWAS. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Thank you,

Nigel Wijeweera

IMG_9480 - Nigel Wijeweera.HEIC
UWAS_election_pic - Ryan Spence.jpg

My name is Ryan and I am entering my fourth year at the University of Waterloo in the Geography and Aviation program this fall. Like you, I am very passionate about aviation and I like to do my best to be involved in this great community that we are all a part of. I am currently working on my CPL time building, and during this last term, I was lucky enough to be a TA for a ground school course which I found very enjoyable. In my last year at the University of Waterloo, I would like to do my best to give back to the Waterloo aviation community in whatever way that I can. I think I would enjoy being the Vice president of Finance and Admin because I am naturally a numbers person and I would like to have a role in helping manage and organize UWAS events and ventures! If elected, I promise to do my best to ensure that UWAS finances are thoroughly monitored and that all our exchanges and endeavors are managed to the best of my abilities. I am excited to be a part of the UWAS team and I look forward to this election!

Marcus Cheung Candidate Photo - PY Marcus.jpg

Hi everyone! I’m Marcus and I am running for VP marketing. Back in the day, I was the chairperson of my orchestra in high school. I was responsible for making or editing videos and some post designs. There, I also organized events and eventually developed leadership and administrative skills. Furthermore, I have some knowledge and experience in website interface design, and I believe these qualities can be used in UWAS.

I'm a super creative person who is always full of interesting ideas. For instance, imagine if our aviation website is more user-friendly and easier to navigate, or imagine if we start making Instagram shorts for various events, or even adding new changes to our logo. The list goes on! That said, I’m aiming to provide everyone with a wonderful experience accessing UWAS’ pages and to improve the overall appearance of UWAS.

Referring to my poster, I provide a simplistic yet meaningful design style, with both the contrasting elements of “Aviation” and “Gala” embedded into one harmonious theme. As for my media, this is the thumbnail of my recent YouTube video about my first flight! Apart from that, you are also welcome to check out my video design style by searching the YouTube channel @Pilot Marcus. Overall, I’m flexible in design styles and can adapt different styles for various occasions.

Nonetheless, I believe voting for a VP marketing is not just about choosing the poster design you like. It's also about showing approval for the person’s ability to utilize available resources from current platforms, and that’s exactly what I can offer. Therefore, please support and vote for me :)

Marcus Cheung Sample Poster Design - PY Marcus.png
Marcus Cheung own thumbnail design - PY Marcus.png

Hello everyone! I’m Miriam and I’ve nearly finished my second year in the Science and Aviation program. In regards to flight training, I started last fall term, and I’m now working towards my Private Pilot License. As I spend more time in this program, I’ve been getting more involved, such as volunteering at the recent Professional Development day, as well as just generally seeing what’s going on at the different events and meetings whenever I’ve been able to. In doing so, interacting with all of the students in the Aviation Society has been so thrilling and eye opening!

With marketing, I would directly be interacting and engaging with the people of UWAS, and doing so in an efficient and visually pleasing way. Throughout my later years in highschool, I was the publicist for my school’s Muslim Student Association (MSA), promoting the different charity events, game nights, and other activities we held in a clear way for anyone interested to see on our Instagram page or as posters in the halls. I greatly enjoyed that part of highschool, from creating and brainstorming ideas with the MSA, to executing them in a way that attracted as many students in the school as possible. Being the publicist, I had to be responsible for the image of MSA to the school and students, and making sure everything is up to date with any new information on the different social media platforms. I believe that this responsibility, as well as the design skills I gathered, will carry over greatly to this VP Marketing position.

In the upcoming year, I hope to continue upholding and having the image of UWAS flourish, as well as gain the engagement of all aviation students, particularly those who aren’t as involved or enlightened about what UWAS has to offer.

Thank you for your consideration!
Miriam Roumia

IMG_4114 - miriam.jpeg
Aviation Gala - miriam.png
Girls Can Fly REDESIGN - miriam.png

My name is Shaldon Jennings, I am 19 years old and in Geography and aviation here at Waterloo. I am from the nearby Cambridge, Ontario.
Growing up I always had a passion for photography and design, from making edits to producing professional photoshoots, I loved the entire creative process. The position for VP Marketing perfectly highlights my skill set and my ability to create unique pieces that draw attention. Marketing is all about bringing in engagement and attention to a certain subject and I know I could do that for UWAS with my work. With my contribution to this position, I will improve the promotion and presentation of UWAS, and its events and announcements. I hope to inspire others with updated promotional designs, videos, posters, and photographic work, leading to a greater audience reach and more attention, therefore influencing the amount of participation, members, and enthusiasm surrounding UWAS. I am a dedicated, hardworking, and creative individual which certainly reflects in my work. There will be situations where tasks might need to be done quickly and efficiently or plans may change resulting in a need to adapt. I am fully prepared to face every situation with a positive attitude, collaborate with others, and put my best work in no matter the circumstance. I have already spent a year on the council contributing as year rep., and am hoping to bring new and improved contributions, positivity, and creativity this year if I am elected as VP of marketing.

Untitled (1080 × 1080 px) (3) - Shaldon Jennings.png
The Snowbirds (1) - Shaldon Jennings.png

Hi everyone, my name is Alexzandra Wojtala and I will be entering my 3A term of Geography and Environmental Management, Aviation Specialization! I am running to represent you as the VP Outreach for the upcoming year! My goal is to elevate the student experience through networking opportunities as well as open lines of communication. I wish to continue and express new opportunities to network as well as host career workshops and social events to build our aviation community as well as provide resources for our future pilot positions. Additionally, continuing to work alongside our established industry members and partners as well as inviting new industry members to introduce new perspectives and resources. I aim to work alongside the executive and council team as well as our aviation community to create inspirational and memorable events. I believe creating more personal and intimate networking events for our student community will lead to long lasting connections, therefore benefiting the future of our careers. To achieve these goals, I believe introducing fundraising into our event outlooks would be beneficial as we can gather as a community as well as increase funds for future events. Through my opportunity as an aviation specialization representative, I have collaborated with our amazing team in which I have gained the knowledge and experience required to help host and run our events. Further, prioritizing the input from our student community and implementing their thoughts and concerns into our operations to better the experience and opportunities during your time as an aviation student. As a like-minded individual representing the aviation student community, I will ensure each of our students have the opportunity to access our resources and connections offered throughout the year as well as openly participate within the society. I believe through my eagerness and dedication, I will be able to actively connect with external resources and create many appealing collaborations!

IMG_8017 - Alexzandra Scheel.jpeg
3EB6F39C-E10B-4DC3-8724-E37FADCF8E57 - charlotte thorley.JPG

Alongside my campaign for Presidency, I am also running for Vice President Outreach for the University of Waterloo Aviation Society. As mentioned previously, I am going into my fourth year of the Geography and Aviation program, and I am currently prepping for my PPL flight test.

I believe that the many skills that I have attained throughout my contribution with the UWAS team as the elected Geography Representative, for almost a year, will be highly beneficial to my role as VP Outreach. Understanding the duties, responsibilities, and the operational procedures that make up the society, is a truly important asset for making a smooth transition for the new executive team.

My goal is to help strengthen our connections to the Conestoga aviation students through more network and social opportunities. As well, it would be a priority to create more opportunities for UW aviation students to reach out to other students in similar programs, such as Seneca College, Western University, and Mount Royal University. As the aviation industry is smaller than we think, it is crucial we build these relationships with other ambitious, aspiring pilots across Canada and in other parts of the world. As VP Outreach, I would be committed to ensuring that aviation students have the opportunity and tools to be successful in expanding their network through other aviation organizations and guaranteeing sponsorships are being maintained. As Vice President External of my Sorority Chapter Council, a Hotel Sales and Marketing Coordinator, and UWAS Geography Representative, I have developed the leadership, collaborative, and organizational skills needed to act as a liaison between industry professionals to coordinate events and organize outreach campaigns. With a reduced course load, I have the time and dedication to assuring all UW aviation students are receiving these opportunities that will help advance their career.


Hello everyone! My name is Ehsan Adra, I will be at my third year at Waterloo next fall, Im a transfer student from Mcgill uni and was VP publicity for MedSpecs Club for (Medical school students) and was the VP Events for Operation smile Canada at McGill as well. In my position I am looking to expand our networking skills with other airlines and aim to connect our Waterloo aviation community to more alumni and resources throughout coordination with other VPs and president. I believe I fit the position based on my previous experience at McGill university for running similar roles and ideas and thus looking to expand on these skills with UWAS.

IMG_9899 - Ehsan Adra.JPG
FullSizeRender - Jordan Bouckley.jpg

Hello, my name Jacob Santos Bouckley and I am running for the position of VP Outreach Coordinator for the University of Waterloo Aviation Society. As a passionate aviation enthusiast, I have always been fascinated by the world of aviation, and I have spent many hours learning about the industry.

I have strived to be an active member of the Aviation Society for the past two years, and in my first year, I was selected to be the Diversity Coordinator and then asked to assist the Marketing Coordinator. The opportunity to support the executive team, allowed me to collaborate, share ideas and meet new people. Now entering my third year of Geography and Aviation, I am ready to take on a larger role and significantly add to the team.

My platform for this election is centered around the idea of expanding the reach and impact of the Aviation Society. Specifically, I aim to enhance our outreach efforts to attract more students to our events and initiatives, as well as increase our engagement with industry professionals and aviation organizations.

To achieve these goals, I plan to utilize the groups existing relationships with aviation industry leaders and organizations to establish new partnerships and collaborations. I will also work closely with the other members of the Executive Committee to develop innovative and engaging events and initiatives that showcase the many facets of aviation.

Overall, I believe that my passion for aviation, my understanding of our Aviation program, and my experience at Waterloo University and within the Aviation Society make me the best fit for the position of VP Outreach Coordinator. I am excited about the opportunity to serve the Waterloo Aviation Society and contribute to its growth and success. Thank you for your consideration.


All candidates are displayed in alphabetical order. Campaign messages and images are posted unaltered, as submitted by the nominees. 


My name is Callista Thompson, and I am running for 2nd year representative. I first gained my interest in aviation from family vacations to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina throughout my childhood, where I learned about flying and visited the Wright Brothers National Memorial. I am from Burlington, Ontario and my favourite place to be is the airport.

I am excited for the opportunity to represent the class in my second year. If I were elected, I would work on:
- being the voice of the 2nd year students with the Aviation Society, professors and upper year classmates by making sure your issues and concerns are being communicated and addressed
-seeking your input on events you want to see happen with an increase of social gatherings
-obtaining a better understanding of the fees we pay and what we can do to make our program more affordable
-increasing collaboration between aviation students in different years of the program

I believe that I am the best fit for this position because I am an outgoing, approachable person who you can come to with any questions or concerns. I am a hard worker and I am not afraid to speak my mind on issues I feel are important and that need representation. I will always work to get answers and share information with my classmates. I care about what you want to see from your program. I hope to be a friendly face around campus and at the flight centre. We only have a few short years here at Waterloo so let’s make them the best we can!

Kindly consider me for the position of 2nd year rep!

Second year rep photo - Callista Thompson.jpg
DSC02134 - Jerry Jia.jpg

Hello everyone, I am Jerry and I am a Science and Aviation student that is going into my second year. It is an absolute pleasure to be able to write to all of you and thank you so much for reading what I have to say.
As a fellow aviation student that has endured the first year of university, I understand that university is a big change compared to high school. We have all struggle at something, from academic to personal life. But hey, we have all made it. As we all have starting or getting started at our flight training, we all purse the same goal of flight. However, from the last few years, the one thing we all have learned is that, this world sucks and things are going to happen thats going to completely screw with our plan (COVID). This is the reason why I want to run for the Second Year Representative, YOUR representative. I want to be able to help YOU out, all of you, to the best of my capabilities. I want to be able to voice all of OUR concerns and help us all enjoy the next year that we are going to spend here at Waterloo.
Many of you might not know me, but those that do, I am a very talkative person. This means that if you have any concerns, you can talk to me, and I will gadly talk for you to the whole society.
I am Jerry and thank you so much for your time for reading this. If you want to know more able me and who I am, feel free to follow me on instagram @fly_with_jerry and/or @jerry_jhy_jia. I hope I can get your vote and represent you next year. Thank you.


Excuse me in advance, but I just winging it here! I am Mark Kabonge, and I am running for second year representative in the UWAS.

As your year's representative, I will ensure that the students' views, opinions, and concerns in their year are represented and brought forward to the Aviation Society. Any voice can make an impact, so vote for me to show you what innovations I can bring.

To give a little about myself, I am an outgoing person who is easily liked, energetic, and engaging in any objective and obstacles I face. As an African Canadian originally from Uganda, I have strived to carry a humorous energy that is determined to accomplish all the goals and side missions I saw would move me forward to my dream career.

My background in leadership and aviation includes being a dedicated cadet in the air cadet program from 2016- 2022. In the program, I accepted numerous leadership assignments and consistently completed many training courses in leadership, time management, and aviation, all with remarkable success. For my substantial impact within the program, I was unanimously chosen to be awarded the Major R.C. Leswick Award for Best Flight Commander.

Furthermore, I have experience in the culinary arts, having worked as a line cook at Cactus Club Café during my grade 11 and 12 years, this shows in my love for food.

While I am your second-year representative, I will raise the voice of the 2nd years in the Society. I will ask for improvements people from all programs seek to see being tackled by the committee members.

I know that with my experience in leadership, life, and working in a team, I am the best fit for the position of second year representative in UWAS. I am confident that I can make a noticeable impact on the Society and ensure information is spread.

Thank you for your vote.

Sincerely, Mark

IMG_1138 - Mark Kabonge.jpg
IMG_5117 - Shaldon Jennings.jpg

As an enthusiastic and outgoing student who values positive interactions and leadership with a strong passion for aviation and its community, I am well-suited to serve as a 2nd year representative for the UWAS council. My name is Shaldon Jennings, and I am excited to express my interest in this role and outline the reasons why I am the right candidate for the position.
First and foremost, I possess excellent interpersonal skills, and I am passionate about socializing and connecting with my peers. I enjoy engaging in meaningful conversations and actively listening to their concerns and ideas. As a 2nd year representative, I could effectively communicate and advocate for my fellow classmates' needs while building strong relationships.
Secondly, I have a natural inclination towards leadership. I enjoy taking initiative and leading by example, whether it is in the classroom, extracurricular activities, or life in general. I have previously served in leadership roles, like being captain of my sports team and organizing school events, which have honed my leadership abilities. I plan to use these ability’s to help classmates reach their goals, plan fun events, and take constructive criticism from students to the council.
Lastly, My positive attitude and outgoing nature allow me to work well with others. I am a team player who values collaboration and inclusivity. I believe that a united and cohesive council can achieve more significant results.
In conclusion, my positive and outgoing personality, leadership skills, commitment to inclusivity, and dedication to making a positive impact make me a strong candidate for the role. I am excited about the opportunity to serve the aviation community here at Waterloo, and I am confident that I can contribute to the council's efforts in creating a better school experience for all aviation students. Thank you for considering my application.


This is YOUR Aviation Society.

My name is Trent Harris and I will be your representative. My mission as second-year rep is to increase communication between the second-year class and the UW Aviation Society, in both directions. Not only do I want to keep students up to date on UWAS news and events, I want UWAS to be up to date on the second-year class and their questions/comments/concerns.

How will I accomplish this?

My plan is to distribute surveys among second-year students. The contents of these surveys will allow students to voice their opinion on Aviation at UW - including events, academics, new developments and anything else applicable to the second-year class. I will bring these results up to the Executive Team, ensuring that the second-year class is always accounted for in decisions.

In order to inform the second-year class about developments in UWAS, I will always make meeting minutes available to students. I will also answer any questions that arise and promote upcoming events to the class.

Why am I the best candidate?

I am enthusiastic about aviation, communication and leadership. I concern myself with the needs of others - an important quality in the link between Leadership and the Student Body. I have experience working with a team to achieve a common goal - at school, at work and in my own life. I am excited to put my set of skills to use in UWAS and I hope you will join me.

Thank you for your consideration!

IMG_0072 - Trent Harris.jpg
IMG_1502 - Jason Simrak.JPEG

Hello! My name is Jason, and I am entering my third year in the Geography and Aviation Program, and I am running to represent you as UWAS third year representative for the 2023-2024 year.

Much like yourselves, I realized I wanted to be a part of something mankind was never meant to achieve; my eyes were set on accomplishing my goal of becoming a pilot. I feel as though we as an aviation community need to build an even stronger bond by organizing more meetings and activities for us to partake in order to build that camaraderie with one another. I also understand that given this is our third year, we are beginning to dive deeper into the financial challenges of pursuing careers in aviation, especially as we start time building towards our CPL.

Therefore, this will be my focus for this year: building the bond between all students in order to be successful, providing more aviation focused experiences, and tackling financial hardships in the program. I found in previous years we have had some opportunities to get together as a community and build strong relationships with one another. What I plan on doing this year if elected is provide more aviation focused trips, for example, a tour of the Westjet Hanger at YYZ is something that I can organize with my connections. Other ideas include tours of London or Pearson Airports, possibly a group trip to the London Airshow to represent UWAS. Furthermore, I do not want to reveal too much right now because I am in early stages, but I am hopeful in kickstarting a movement to bring awareness to various levels of government the financial hardship us pilots go through in this program, and I am looking for ways that we can reduce this burden and make the future of this program more enjoyable. We all may have unique goals that we have set for ourselves, but we can push each other to achieve these goals and hopefully the bond we create and the difference we make this year and the next will be cherished for a lifetime.

If you ever need help or have any questions, feel free to reach out on Instagram (@jasonsimrak7) or by email (


Hello! My name is Preksha and next year I will be entering my 3A term of Science and Aviation. This year I had the enormous opportunity of working alongside an extraordinary UWAS team as the Events Coordinator to foster a community for aviation students and make valuable connections to create a safe space for everybody. We resiliently got through the turbulent time of Covid, and with everything fully transitioning to in-person, I want to ensure that everyone is provided with opportunities to make their time in the program memorable and worthwhile.

I have created a strong bond with many of you, and I will work hard to maintain and deepen those relationships, along with fostering new ones. I’m super approachable, understanding, and would be happy to support you throughout any phase you need. If anyone has ideas of things they want to see happen, I will gladly listen, convey the message to the Executive team, and work with them to make it happen.

Third year is extremely important because everyone needs to meet their flight training benchmarks, ensure they do well in school, and start figuring out where they want to go after graduation. I plan on having information sessions to educate everyone about the opportunities available after graduation, events on resume building and cover letter writing, drop-in sessions to get your resumes and cover letters edited for free, workshops to go through the process of filling out your applications for programs (such as the Sunwing Cadet Program, Jazz Aviation Pathways Program, and Destination Porter), and spread more awareness about scholarship opportunities.

My goal will be to ameliorate the student experience and break the communication barrier between you and UWAS to prioritize your satisfaction. It would be a great honor for me if you choose me to help serve your needs as your third-year representative!

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Having been the 2nd year rep and the 3nd year for our year, I thought it would be appropriate to run again for the 4th year rep position. While I am also applying for the position of president, regardless of the results of that election, I want to continue to be active on the UWAS team, and to continue to help out with events. As I was your year rep for two years now, I have experience with the position, and can ensure proper representation is continued.


Hi! My name is Alexzandra Wojtala and I am wrapping up my 2B term of Geography and Environmental Management, Aviation Specialization. This past year I had the absolute pleasure of being your Aviation Specialization Representative! Over the past year, I had the opportunity to collaborate and work with our incredible team in which I was able to gain invaluable insight into the logistics required to foster a community to provide our students with the most memorable opportunities and connections possible. My enthusiasm towards the aviation community as well as expressing the views, opinions, and concerns of our aviation specialization students have motivated me to continue my involvement within the society. During my time as representative, I believe I created recognition for the aviation specialization program through integrating our student community into aviation events, which I will aim to continue as I move forward with my position. Throughout the past two years, the aviation community has provided many supports and a sense of belonging to not only me but the rest of our students which I would like to pass along. Through this, I have become a strong advocate for involvement through school and volunteering events and opportunities. In the upcoming year, I would like to collaborate with our executive and council team to create events and opportunities as well as fundraising that cater to the input from our students. Moving forward, events such as interactive nights, professional development, alumni and industry speakers, and airport operations will be continued and expressed. Therefore, students will become eager to be involved and be left with lasting and memorable expressions from our events. I believe through my amiable personality and my eagerness to connect with specialization students, my opportunity to remain as the aviation specialization rep will lead to many exciting collaborations.

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My name Alisha and I am in Science and Aviation. I come from a background of understanding how UWAS is run, and taking part in many lead roles where I am passionate about. I ran for first year rep, and then I became part of the UWAS team as a finance coordinator. During this time, I did a lot of exploring on the aviation society, our program, as well as learning about other people's experiences in this program, specifically in science. My aim is to have more people genuinely enjoy being in science by offering tips and tricks that make you feel more grounded within the program. I want to offer little advice sessions for the science students every once in a while and I want to host fun little events to make more of a community for us, which I feel that we lack right now. Something I struggled with was feeling all alone navigating through science because yes, it is not easy - but there are so many ways to make it easy and advantageous that I took the initiative to find out, and I would love to share and create a support system with. Especially for the incoming first years, my goal is to have the switch-out rate decreased by at least 25%, through my initiatives to show them about the best parts of being with us science students. More than anything, through this role, I want to create a core community for the science students so that being in this program seems less of a chore and more of an experience that you are proud to be part of, no matter what year you are in. I promise to have our views and opinions addressed to the aviation society and play an active role in the Aviation Society.


Hi everyone, my name is Ammar Ujjainwala, and I am contesting for the post of Science & Aviation representative for this office term for UWAS. For those who don’t know me completely, I am an international student from Dubai. No, that doesn’t mean my dad owns a Rolls Royce or an oil rig! Anyways, the reason why I am applying to be a science representative is that I feel I have the quality, and the leadership skills to make the change you want.

If you have any concerns as a science and aviation student, you can always reach out to me. I am a very friendly and approachable person, you can contact me anytime you’d wish, preferably on Instagram and I am most likely to respond immediately, so you don’t have to wait.

One plan that I feel I can achieve as a science representative is to create an archive/e-library where I would personally buy all aviation-related materials and post them there for everyone’s access, this could range from our textbooks to some extra practice questions I come across. Another idea I feel is possible is to create a collaborative space on our UWAS website, where everyone can share their work, like notes, cue cards, etc. to foster collaborative learning.

Apart from that, I believe I can be a good mediator between your voice and the UWAS council team. As a science representative, I shall also attend SciSoc meetings, so if you need anything passed on to them, just reach out to me and we can solve that. Again, I am a very approachable person, so don’t hesitate to text me. So if you see me as a worthy candidate for this post, then please do vote for me.

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Hey everyone! I am in 3rd year science and aviation taking up a minor in earth science and currently working on the CPL phase of flight training. I am genuinely a caring person. Proof of that is having worked as the health and safety representative at Executive Aviation where I addressed my colleagues’ concerns. As a science rep, I value the opinions of others and want to make sure they feel heard. I am hardworking and put effort into what I do. I have achieved the award for highest academic average in science and aviation during 2nd year and was also a recipient of the science memorial scholarship earlier this February. I am very supportive and assure you that I will give my all in helping with future events. People have described me as friendly, honest, enthusiastic, and trustworthy. Right now, you might catch me night flying at the flight centre. I would love to meet all of you so please do not hesitate to reach out!


Hi everyone, my name is Arpan Srawn and I’m going into my third year of Science and Aviation and I’m running for the Science Representative. I’m currently working on my commercial training. During my past years in university, I’ve mostly taken earth science and chemistry courses. My goal for our science and aviation community is to be stronger and to build meaningful connections, and also to be more involved within the science community at University of Waterloo. The love and passion for aviation is what brings us all together and networking is what makes us a strong community. A couple of my ideas if I do get the honour of being the science and aviation representative would include organising plane-spotting picnics, and more in person events so we can all get to know each other better and moreover learn from each others’ experiences as pilots. I aim to voice the opinion and concern of the students in this program, and work on bringing it up to the Aviation Society and the flight centre. I would also check in with every science and aviation student to understand what your needs, concerns and comments are and to make sure that you feel heard and comfortable to express yourselves. Going through my academia in the last two years I’ve also observed that a big support in academic success is that from our peers so I plan to create different group chats in which I can place the students of the same courses in order to discuss how we can work on our academic success in those specific science courses. I would also love to help out other executive members and representatives where needed. Thank you for your time and please feel free to reach me @arpansrawn (insta) or my email -

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I am Ehsan Adra, will be entering my third year at waterloo next fall, Im a transfer student from Mcgill uni and was VP publicity for MedSpecs Club for (Medical school students) and was the VP Events for Operation smile Canada at McGill as well. When I first joined the mentioned clubs at McGill I first joined as a first year Rep and thus have experience being a representative for a club. I like networking and chatting with people and sharing experiences and addressing concerns.


Hi everyone! I’m William, entering my 3rd year in the program soon and now working towards my PPL. In previous terms I’ve been focusing on physics and math courses, hoping to pursue an aero-engineering postgrad degree. As a science student I think we can all agree that flight training is the best thing we had when dealing with stressful academics. In my years in Waterloo, I feel like the science students were not able to help out that much, but most of us are actually taking the same courses. Other than the existing mentorship program, I would try my best to explore the possibilities of adding tutoring into the program. Also, I hope to help more first year students to blend into UWAS, and the university. As a personal pursuit, I would hope to bring in more opportunities within UWAS, and build more direction connection with WWFC. Thanks, and FLY HIGH!

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Hi everyone, I am Anushka and I will be entering my 3rd year of Geography and Aviation this fall!
I am running for geography representative to foster a community among the geography & aviation students across all years. During my last 2 years in the program, I found that there is a lack of community between different years. But, I also found that speaking to (especially) upper years opened up invaluable wisdom and advice from first-hand experience, that is otherwise hard to find. So, I want to establish familiarity and camaraderie among us so that we can support and help each other succeed!
Other than that, I will always be open to hear suggestions and be the connecting bridge of communication between you and the team :)


Hello! I am Candice, I'm currently in my 1B term of Geography and Aviation, although I haven't started my flight training yet, I'm super excited to be starting it in the upcoming spring term. Despite being born here, I grew up in Hong Kong, a major aviation hub in Southeast Asia even only with 1 international airport, as the home base of Cathay Pacific. Being a pilot and working in the aviation industry has always been a dream of mine ever since a child as a frequent traveller and plane enthusiast, being able to come here to the University of Waterloo as an aviation student has been a major step in allowing me to pursue my dream, to grow as a person and also for my career. Along with my interest in geography, I hope to be able to integrate my passion for both fields of geography and aviation together and to be a good geography representative as a part of the aviation society in the upcoming year, to represent and assist aviation students in the matters of the Faculty of Environment here at the University of Waterloo.

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My name is Jacob Santos Bouckley and I am excited to run for the position of Geography Representative for the University of Waterloo Aviation Society. As a third-year student studying Aviation and Geography, I have a strong passion for both fields and believe that I can bring valuable contributions to the Society.

During my first year at Waterloo, I was selected for the position of Diversity Coordinator and was appointed as the Marketing Coordinator during the 2020-2021 academic year. In my role as Diversity Coordinator, I attended meetings and supported projects related to diversity, equity, and inclusion within the team. My organizational skills, work ethic, attention to detail, and ability to relate and connect with people have been my assets in these roles and I will bring these same qualities to the position of Geography Representative. If elected, I will advance the goals by promoting the importance of geography within the aviation industry. As the Geography Representative, I hope to highlight the interconnectedness of these two fields by organizing events and activities, such as guest lectures and field trips.

My experience as a snowboarding instructor, camp counsellor, and front desk associate at PAC has honed my skills in leadership, communication, and problem-solving, which I believe are important qualities for a successful representative. Furthermore, my passion for snowboarding, fitness, and rock climbing demonstrates my dedication to both physical and mental wellness, which I believe are critical components of a well-rounded university experience.

I am confident that my experience, passion, and dedication make me the best candidate for the position of Geography Representative for the University of Waterloo Aviation Society. Thank you for considering my candidacy.

Jacob Santos Bouckley


I am a First Year Geography and Aviation student in my 1b term. I love playing hockey, snowboarding, and doing watersports in the summertime. I was born in Waterloo and have spent my whole life here. I have had a passion for aviation for as long as I can remember, from collecting small toy aircraft models to going to the local remote control aircraft park on Sundays with my parents.
My passion for flying has grown even more since I started my flight training.
When I was in high school, it was very rare that I could find people with the same passion for aviation. This changed after I started in the Geography and Aviation program as I was surrounded by peers with the same interest in aviation. Being in the program made me want to get involved and advocate as much as possible. I immediately started attending UWAS meetings and in October, I volunteered for the WISA summit. Shortly after that, I began working part-time at the Region of Waterloo International Airport as a ground handler for Executive Aviation.
In high school, I was an Athletic council representative. I also volunteered as a goalie trainer to help teach and mentor young kids and to help encourage them and their passion for the game. All of this has provided me with valuable leadership experience.
I consider myself to be very approachable and a great listener which I believe are key attributes to bring to the role of the Geography and Aviation Representative. If elected, I vow to make myself available to my peers and will be a strong advocate for all ideas and concerns brought forward to me.

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Hello, my name is Sam Ferreira, and I am a first-year student running for the role of Geography Representative for the 2023/2024 academic year. I started my flight training with WWFC in mid-January and am now only a few flights away from flying solo! Like many students in the program, I have a strong passion for the world of aviation, which began at a young age. When I am not studying, spending time with friends, or exploring the outdoors, you’ll likely find me at the nearest international airport watching in awe and photographing the large jets that I aspire to fly one day.
If elected, my goal as the Geography Representative for the next year is to strengthen the relationship between all years of Geography and Aviation students to ensure our voices are heard within both the University of Waterloo Aviation Society (UWAS) and Environment Students’ Society (ESS). As I near the completion of my first year of the program, I have found it difficult thus far to connect with upper year students in the program to ask about their experiences to date and to share my thoughts/ideas with them. To overcome this challenge, I would like to create an online space accessible to students in any year of the program. This space could offer the ability for students to ask their upper-year peers questions, network with each other, and make new friends. Further, and most importantly, it would provide any student within the program the ability to easily share their views, opinions, and concerns to be brought up at UWAS and/or ESS meetings.
Thank you for taking the time to consider me as your future Geography Representative. If you have any questions, please contact me via email;, or Instagram; @samfaviation, and I would be happy to answer them!
"It’s plane and simple, vote Sam for Geography Representative!"


Hi everyone, I will be entering my 4th year while undertaking climate change and environment specialization, currently on the PPL list. I wish to bring an open environment to Geography students and help answering questions and provide guidance in terms of their academics and flight training. I’d also like to be more engaged with UWAS and helping you guys to be more engaged to make your journey in Waterloo Aviation more fun and rewarding!

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