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As part of the UW Aviation Society's mandate to foster a community amongst members, we have created a student mentorship program between the first year and upper students in the university. 

With the aim of strengthening ties between students of aviation, the mentorship program offers the opportunity for both mentors and mentees to enrich their knowledge of aviation, diversify networks and enhance growth as students and pilots. 

For more information on the mentorship initiative, please refer to the Mentorship Program Manual.

Become a Mentor (Registration is now closed for mentors)




The program will only accept up to 50 Mentees and 10 - 15 Mentors during this phrase. All participating Mentors and Mentees will be required to attend a mandatory meeting on March 8 at EV1, starting at 17:30 for Mentors and 18:00 for Mentees, where they will be briefed on the expectations of their mentoring partnership. They will also have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with their Mentor / Mentees. The mentoring partnership will then continue throughout the summer with the Mentees initiating contact with the Mentor.


In September 2020, the mentorship program will expand and better its system to maximize its full potential in the long run of the Aviation Society. The program will include more Mentors and Mentees, as well as introducing Alumni Mentors into the program. It will also be integrated into the course AVIA 100 and made available for students that are in the Aviation Specialization.

For more information or questions about the student mentorship program, contact the UW Aviation Society at


In Phase 1 of the program, only aviation students in the first year of their academic study, in either Geography and Aviation or Science and Aviation, may apply as a Mentee . Any students in the third or fourth year of their academic study in the UW Aviation program may participate as a Mentor.

During Phase 2 of the program, the Mentorship Program will build on Phase 1  of the program to allow more inclusion and is to be expected to include not only Geography and Aviation, and Science in Aviation students, but also students who are in the Aviation Specialization.


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