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Who Can Participate: All first-year  UW Aviation Students who started their program in Geography and Aviation or Science and Aviation in Fall 2021 may vote for the First-Year Aviation Program Representative Position. Of those able to participate, only students that are going to be enrolled in full-time studies at UW during the 2021/2022 academic year may participate in the voting. If there are falsified votes, nominees may face disqualification. 


Elections for Year Representatives

Nomination Period: October 8, 2021 to October 13, 2021

Campaigning Period: October 13, 2021 to October 20, 2020

Voting Period: October 20, 2021 to October 22, 2021

Results Announced: The week of October 25, 2021

Tiebreaker Revote Period: November 2, 2021 to November 3, 2021 (in AVIA 100 Tutorials) 

Questions and Concerns:

The elections will be run by the current executive(s) (who are unable to run in the election). If you have any concerns, or you wish to modify, or withdraw your nomination, please email


All candidates are displayed in alphabetical order. Campaign speeches are posted unaltered, as submitted by the nominees. 

Note: There will be no voting for the  Fourth Year Rep position. The candidate is uncontested.


Hi! My name is Mark, and I am in Geography and Aviation. I love aviation, walking around campus, and playing basketball. More importantly though, I believe my experiences demonstrate the leadership and advocacy needed in the First Year Representative.


In grade 11, I was one of two Public Relations Officers with my high school’s Social Justice Council. My council relied on my fellow PR Officer and myself to craft morning announcements, advertise council events, create social media posts, and communicate all our operations to the larger student body. From grades 10-12, I was a Social Media Coordinator with a youth organization known as PuMP. I helped with the organization’s social media operations in a similar manner as I did with my council. In grade 12, I was awarded the Outstanding Delegate Award at my school’s Model UN conference.


These high school experiences demonstrate the communication skills necessary for someone hoping to represent first year aviation students. I am accustomed to sitting in on meetings and voicing any input I believe is relevant; anybody in my Wednesday AVIA 100 tutorial can attest to this. I have already communicated with a large portion of first year aviation students, and as the First Year Representative, I will seek out every opportunity to strengthen communication with every person I represent. In my role, I will combine this understanding of everyone’s interests with my willingness to advocate on their behalf to be an effective representative.


If anybody has any further questions or would like to reach out, please contact me on any platform, such as my Instagram, @markmaulucci. Thank you for your attention and consideration!


Hey folks, my name is Jeet Sandeep Gehani and I will be running as your first-year science representative. A little about myself: I was born and brought up in Dubai, UAE "The Land of Superlatives, from the tallest building in the world to one of the best airlines in the world".


My interest in aviation was piqued on a flight to Mumbai when 12-year-old I was permitted to visit the cockpit, and perch jauntily in the captain’s seat. Later, as I sat at a restaurant overlooking the runway, gazing awestruck at the metal birds ruling the sky- dinner forgotten- my flights-of-fantasy literally took wing!


One can find in me passion for aviation, hunger to learn more and share the knowledge with the society members. I intend to introduce the concept of aviation to different student bodies by the way of having virtual meetings and in-person road shows. The most important aspect I will try to bring into picture is to integrate the expertise of all the faculties which will promote aviation to other fellow peers. I can and will be a bridge between students across different streams and the aviation society as well as be a catalyst to the way Science in Aviation is looked upon.


We find ourselves amidst a climate crisis which is code red for humanity, it is time we act and recognize the challenges and face them head on. A right step in this direction is the introduction of Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Aeronautics (WISA) to the Canadian skies which I believe would be a harbinger of change within our industry. When the younger generation of aviators see aviation with a sustainable perspective, they are most likely to appreciate these magnificent flying machines.


All in all, if one chooses me, one can be assured of a trusty, reliable mentor and an enthusiastic leader who acknowledges challenges that lie ahead and do his part in being a positive change maker.


Vote for a Step in the Right Direction, vote for Jeet Sandeep Gehani:)


It’s really an emotion you get when you look down at the ground and suddenly everything quickly shrinks. It feels surreal - Every. Single. Time. Understandably, you’ve probably heard that from hundreds of people, and it’s likely cliched by now, but I speak from my soul and that is how I have always felt about flying. I didn’t care if I was in a Cessna or in a 747, my heart races every time I hear the engine spool up and as I get thrusted back into my seat on takeoff. My dream was solidified in 2013, on my 10th birthday. My mother’s friends noticed this talent of mine for spotting planes so well, and bought me a ticket to take a tour on CF-ZAJ, Canada’s oldest active glider which is based out of Rockton Ontario. I was the happiest kid in Canada - In fact, when the day came, we were last in line and had to wait eight hours to go flying, but that didn’t change my mind at all. I had so much fun watching the planes come and go as I sat patiently. Then the flight itself came, and the rest was an emotion I’ll never lose.

Starting off in the University of Waterloo, I didn't expect to meet so many others that have such similar stories like mine. During high school, it was hard to find others with such a strong drive for aviation unlike in university where people get filtered into programs with similar goals in mind. Knowing how young our aviation community is at Waterloo, it would be a big honor for me to take the lead and show off this new "flock" of ours (and I'm not talking about the geese). My professional background always has to do something related to flight. I've given a TEDx talk about autonomous flight and the risk factor, been interviewed in Skies Mag, I'm a seventh year WO2 air cadet, and much of my photography work (@alt.restrictions.clrd IG) has been featured by several airlines, airports, and other publishers. My biggest pride however, must be that I am a few weeks away from completing my Private Pilot's License, should the weather permit. I'm very dedicated to my craft, and I adore connecting with others about it.


The position of first year representative allows me to take my professionalism further and to get your voices out there. If there's anything you guys want to see, hear, or have more during our next few years here, allow me to help lead that charge. I look forward to meeting more and more the aviation community class by class, and I'll see you all on campus and at YKF!


My name is Ayesha and I'm running for the position of first year representative to the aviation society. I'm the perfect candidate for this position because I've had leadership experience in my high school before ( sports rep ) and since high school I've always had to battle both academics and extra-curriculars so I know that I'm best fit to handle both! As a first year representative, I will promise to look after the needs of my fellow peers and always be ready for any kind of help that the aviation society demands of me, I also consider myself a person who is always down to offer my support to anyone who needs it to the best of my abilities. I will present your ideas to the aviation society and also offer my own contributions. Some other reasons why I consider myself to be fit for this position is that I'm committed and loyal and can work odd hours too! I will take time whenever it is needed to be an effective representative. Hope yall find me worthy of being your representative!


Hello my aviation schoolmates, enthusiasts and fellow first years that are just getting started in aviation! My name is Benjamin Ngo, and I am in my 1A term of Science and Aviation. I’m currently in Waterloo and hope that I can get your support to be your voice at the UW Aviation Society for the upcoming school year.


Why should you ask?


No, I am not the most knowledgeable in aviation, I probably could not fly a plane in Microsoft flight sim. But, that is also what makes me your ideal candidate as your representative. Just like everyone else, I am just getting started to learn and take the first steps into the aviation community. I am here to be this voice that you could resonate with, so that your difficulties, opinions, and concerns could be heard by the entire aviation community at Waterloo.


My goal here is to make YOUR experience in first year aviation as great as possible. Just like everyone else, I am here to go through the ups and downs in the coming years, and I know your struggles. My goal as your first-year representative is to communicate these experiences and find ways as a class to make this better for YOU!


I am someone you can relate to, whether that be overcoming difficulties in the first steps of learning to aviation or university. I am also someone you can always reach out to whether you have views, concerns, or ideas and make sure it will not be overlooked. Lastly, I am someone who will fight for your voice to be heard.


As your prospective representative, feel free to reach out and I will always be down to talk about anything! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns, or if you just want to talk about aviation, or courses we take together! My email is, or you can find me on Instagram !


Hi! I am Katie! I am in 1st year Geo/Avia :) I would love to be able to represent our year as the rep! I have experience as student council PM a in grade 12. I am outgoing and ready to talk to anyone all the time. I feel I am approachable and would really connect with anyone who might want to. in addition to this, I am a great public speaker who will have plenty of ideas to improve this community, and wont be afraid to collaborate on ideas from you guys as well. Please vote for me, I promise you wont regret it :) <3


Hi everyone! I'm Kelly and I'm in my first year of Geography and Aviation. I've decided to keep my speech plane and sincere!


I’ve always found that no matter where I am, I feel driven to pursue areas of great passion. I have been guided by my ambitious nature to pursue a wide range of activities, and fuelled by my love for aviation, I am running to be your First Year Rep! In doing so, I know I can demonstrate my utmost determination and commitment to always bring a positive altitude and put forth my best effort into representing all of us! Not only would this position allow me to further delve deep into my Aviation passions, but would also be an amazing opportunity for me to help my peers and the Aviation community as a whole, reach greater heights of success.


Through my experiences of captaining sports teams in high school, taking on the role of a camp leader in my community, and working multiple part-time jobs, I’ve developed the necessary organizational and interpersonal skills that I will use to ensure the success of our first-year class and maintain the school’s positive perception of Aviation. I will strive to be a strong liaison between the first-year Aviation students and the Aviation Society and work closely alongside other UWAS executives to voice opinions and concerns of the first-year Aviation student body, making sure everyone feels engaged, involved and informed. I understand how vital it is for us to stay connected and I hope to be a source of support for all as we navigate our first year journey together.


I guarantee you, your vote for me as First Year Rep is a move in the flight direction! It would be my greatest pleasure to be able to take care of and look after my fellow Aviation peers and I would be so humbled to represent us. Landing this position would be one of my greatest privileges and a huge honour for me. It would truly be an invaluable experience and I will ensure this will not be a Boeing year for us!


My name is Jacob Bouckley. I am a first year student in Aviation and Geography at Waterloo. I live in REV and am interested in joining the Aviation Society as a representative.


My interest in flying started at a young age. Living near the Oshawa Executive Airport, I remember the excitement of witnessing aircrafts takeoff and climb skyward into the clouds. It was especially intriguing to watch them get bigger and louder as they prepared to land. I would imagine what it would be like to fly on one of the small planes, so it was a dream come true when I learned that this airport participated in the Young Eagles program. At eight years old, I was invited for my first flight on a Cessna 172 Skyhawk. The view from the sky was breathtaking and the experience was exhilarating. Since that first ride, I have asked to fly over and over, and I am thankful to have known from early on that aviation is a career path I want to follow.


Waterloo has the largest Aviation program in Canada and combining flight training with a focus on Geography will help me pursue my passion for becoming a pilot, and to graduate with a degree in Environmental Science. To learn and develop in these areas is a valuable opportunity and I will make the most of my time.


I believe I will contribute positively to the field of Aviation. I have a strong work ethic and understand that to make my passion a career, hard work, perseverance, respect and responsibility are necessary to reach my goals. Throughout highschool, I have been an honour roll student and won the Mary Dobell Intermediate Essay Award. I was also a recipient of the Outstanding Student Award from the Filipino Centre of Toronto for my academic achievement, extracurricular activities and community involvement. I have learned to balance my studies with my hobbies, and feel that success includes feeling connected to my friends, family, my community and the outdoors.


If I am successful in my application to be the first year rep, I will strive to be a voice for the first year students at Waterloo University. I will communicate the views, opinions and concerns of all students in our year as well as foster community among the first year Aviation students.


I am grateful for the opportunity and hope you will consider my application. I look forward to meeting with all the aviation students in the near future.


Jacob Bouckley


Hello everyone, my name is Jonathan Man and I am running to be your first year representative in the University of Waterloo's Aviation Society. Like most of you involved in the aviation program, I am also greatly passionate about aviation. Through my entire life, I have always been invested and committed to working in the field of aviation. My passion for aviation grew as I joined Air Cadets and was able to frequently experience flying for myself.


I would absolutely value the opportunity of working on behalf of you to secure future opportunities for our year of future aviation professionals. Acting in the interest of everyone in the aviation program. As your representative, I will ensure that your voice is heard, that your concerns are promptly addressed, and that your feedback is welcomed within this community.


Personally, I believe I am well-qualified, as for the last 2 years, I have been one of the lead instructors of ground school in Air Cadets. Throughout this time, I took the opportunity to teach numerous like-minded aspiring aviation students. I listened to their needs and desires, and worked to my utmost ability to create positive results. Further, I took the time and dedication to organize a airport control tower tour at Vancouver International Airport to stimulate interest in the field of aviation. Coming into the University of Waterloo, I will transfer this dedication of working for everyone into this position as a first year representative, as I do believe it is of crucial importance that everyone's needs are addressed. My email will be open 7 days a week for you to send me your concerns and ideas.


I am proud to have the honour of being in this class and would love to dedicate myself to making our experience one of a kind, positively impacting your future here in the aviation community. I sincerely hope to have your support, thank you!


Hey all! I’m Jason!


I’m in my 4th year of Science and Aviation, with a minor in Astrophysics. I’m currently working on my multi-engine rating. You can find me around the airport most days of the week, as I’m also one of the fuelers over at Summit.


Having been in two different aviation programs, and trained at multiple flight schools, I feel I have the experience to know what can make or break a good university experience. As your 4th year representative, you can count on me to make your voices and opinions heard. I’m looking forward to making our final year great!

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