Who Can Participate: All current UW Aviation Students including those in final year that have not yet commenced but excluding incoming students that have not begun lectures yet. 


Elections for Executive Positions 

Nomination Period: August 31, 2019 to September 3, 2019 at Noon

Campaigning and Voting Period: September 4, 2019 to September 6, 2019

Results Announced: September 7, 2019 


All candidate names are displayed in alphabetical order

Dan Chaudhry

My name is Dan, I am going into my forth year of Geography and Aviation. Along with the help of a group of passionate students, I founded the society approximately a year and a half ago in order to create aviation specific events and initiatives throughout the year for all UW Aviation Students. I have been extremely fortunate to be able to serve as the President of this group. Over the past year, we were able to successfully run the inaugural Aviation Career Day and Aviation Gala where we had 150+ attendees during each event which included some of our amazing alumni, professors, as well as industry leaders from various aviation employers. These events provide networking opportunities for all students. I hope that this year we can grow both these annual events in order to have more employers directly connect with aviation students and create better career opportunities. During my time in the aviation program, I have truly felt that there is a great sense of community among students, professors, instructors, and alumni. This year, if elected, I hope to be able to help to bring our growing aviation community closer together with more social events, a complete mentorship program connecting those in first year with senior students, in addition to exciting collaborations with Winged Warriors, the Faculties of Science and Environment, and WWFC.

Jake Dolman

My name is Jake Dolman and I'm going into my 4th year of science and aviation. Over the past year, I have served as the aviation society's VP Events; organizing numerous social and professional events, including bowling, career day, and the Gala. Moving forward into this school year, I hope to further my role in the aviation community and enrich the aviation student body through the roll of the president position. I, like many of you, have a great passion for all things aviation. This, along with people skills, teamwork, leadership, and my personable demeanour will help me improve the society's growth, networking, and most importantly grow the support for our waterloo aviation family. I have many ideas for both events and internal support networks that along with collaborations with the women in aviation group that I would like to establish, leading to the best year the aviation program has even seen. Thank you for your consideration.

 VP Finance and Admin 

Maggie Poon

I am Maggie and I nominate myself because I think the previous experience I have had in the society as the 2nd year rep makes me a very suitable candidate for this position. Since I attended most of the society meetings last year and helped out in most of the events, I understand the role of VP Finance and Administration in the Exec team, and the responsibility that comes with this position. I am very attentive to details and I am confident that my organization skills can help the society to run more smoothly. In my opinion, good finances are crucial for this society's operation and reputation. If I was elected for this position, I promise to try my best to get more fundings for upcoming events and keep a clear financial record for the society.


Mohammad El-Shaer

I believe I’m suitable for this position because I’m very responsible with my own personal finances. And I was an events coordinator for the society last year, so I have somewhat an understanding of the finances of the society. Not only that, but I was also partly responsible for the finances of the student council back in high school. 

Sabrina LoPresti

I think I would be a good fit for this position as I have taken accounting courses in high school and believe I have a strong ability to manage finances. I have strong organizational skills, and I am a quick learner. I think I can contribute a positive attitude and a strong work ethic to make the executive council better.

Stanley Cen

My experience in both management and finance is far beyond what you may expect from someone of my age. Starting with Head Executice Secratry of Grad Legacy in high school, I’ve been writing professional emails and keeping memoirs of meetings. My responsibilities in the past also include planning special events, budgeting, and organizing volunteers. With this experience as my fundamentals, I’ve continued to become the head of finance for Lower Mainland Volleyball Officials Organization. This oraniztion is responsible for allocating all volleyball referees for the greater Vancouver area in B.C. The daily tasks are to bill invoices to school districts and work with excel and google doc to produce a pay sheet for all involved officials. Last year, the total payout to 120 officials from 30 different high schools amounted to $40,000. 
Thanks for reading my application and brief experience summary.

 VP Marketing 

Ashley Chan (Uncontested)

Throughout high school, I regularly took part in community services and events and believe that this has given me a good work ethic and the experience of interacting with people of different backgrounds. I also understand how to work in various team dynamics and individually, having been a part of a multitude of teams and activities ranging from sports to music ensembles and instructing lessons. As I advanced in my previous air cadets squadron, I had the opportunity to take on leadership positions, including level instructor and drum major. In these roles, I have honed my communication skills and have learned how to pass on new ideas and rely information effectively to different targeted audience while listening to their needs and their inputs. Despite all that, I genuinely would love to get involve with the aviation society by giving back what I can do to help peers connects with each other. I would also like more people to know about our aviation programs, the aviation student society and events through marketing opportunities and social media channels. Therefore, I believe that I would be a suitable candidate for the position of VP of Marketing.

 VP Outreach 
 VP Events 

Melanie Heins (Uncontested)

My name is Mel and I am going into 3rd year science and aviation. I believe that I would be best fit for this position for many reasons. The Aviation Society was only created last year and I had the amazing opportunity to be VP Outreach. This means that I have has first hand experience as VP Outreach and know what it entails. Last year during the Gala I sent out countless invites to airline employers, and other partners. I also have many connections in the industry, which also includes alumni. I also believe I would be best fit for the VP Outreach position because I have so many amazing Idea's in store for next year involving incoming students being more exposed to the aviation industry.

Derek MacPherson

Having worked closely with last year's VP Events in the planning and coordination of (among other events) Aviation Career Day and the Aviation Gala, I have insight into the responsibilities of the position and am ready for the step up from my role last year as VP Marketing. My time helping create the society last year as a founding member was very important to me, and I'm looking forward to helping it grow even further in this second year. I want to continue to work constructively with other executive team members, and, in addition to growing the annual networking events we inaugurated last year, launch a range of new social events throughout the year to connect the program. I'm familiar with the operation of the society, the process behind planning events and am looking forward to the challenge and responsibility of representing the Aviation Society as VP Events.

Joy Wan

Throughout middle school, I was in the Leadership Committee which was a group of students who planned all the school dances. Following middle school, I was an active member of the Random Acts of Kindness Club and Music Council in my high school, planning and executing "random" events and band concerts. Now, as this semester commences, I am an upper-tier orientation leader working with a team of other leaders in the "background" as tech support to make sure the sound systems are working smoothly and the stages are set up in the right places. I am also a Science Ambassador for this school year who helps with Open House events. Because my volunteering roles dabbled in a little bit of everything which the position of VP Events does as well, I believe I am the best fit for this position.



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