Who Can Participate: All current UW Aviation Students including those in final year that have not yet commenced (or those that commenced at the 2020 Spring commencement) but excluding incoming first-year students that have not begun lectures yet can participate in this election. Of those able to participate, only students that are going to be enrolled in full-time studies at UW during the 2020/2021 academic year may run for a position.


Elections for Executive Positions 

Nomination Period: August 28, 2020 to September 2, 2020 at Noon

Campaigning and Voting Period: September 4, 2020 to September 7, 2020 at Noon

Results Announced: The week of September 7, 2020

REVOTE: September 11, 2020 to September 13, 2020 at Noon

Elections/Appointments for First Year Representative and Coordinator Support Positions

Mid-Late September (Dates TBD by newly elected executive council)


All candidate are displayed in alphabetical order. Campaign pictures and summaries are posted unaltered, as submitted by the nominees.

Matthew Rodkin

My name is Matthew Rodkin, I\'m from Pickering, Ontario and I\'ll be entering my 4A term of Geography and Aviation in the fall. In my time at UW I have been extensively involved with Environment Orientation, from being a front line leader, to being on the orientation team and spending 10 months planning and running orientation week for first years.

The UW Aviation Society requires a great shift in priority. As an upper year student, I had the opportunity to see the UW Aviation Society form from the very beginning and I, as well as many others, have seen the lack of a student first approah from the society. Recruitment, student engagement and event planning are flawed at the very core of the UW Aviation Society as they have used an "executive first" approach when running almost everything. Meaning general members and the student body are put below executive members of the society when it comes to things like networking opportunities and involvement on campus. In the president position, I aim to bring the aviation society to a place that runs events for the students and not the executives. I want to give all students an equal opportunity to network and be involved, instead of watching as the UW Aviation Society executives soak up all the opportunity.

I believe I am best for the position because I have a large amount of experience in budgeting and event planning on campus through Environment Orientation. My time on the orientation team has also given me a large amount of experience in a leadership position as my team was responsible for 30 leaders and over 500 first years.

Stanley Cen

Hello everyone my name is Stanley and I am running for the position of President this year. Last year, I had the pleasure of working alongside Dan as the VP Admin and Finance for the Aviation Society. Through that position, I learned how the club operates and what kind of challenges we may face in this upcoming year. Beyond that experience, I have also had the role as a Manager of Finance for a Volleyball Association in Vancouver, handling paychecks and invoices up to $85,000.

I hope that if I am elected to be President, we can further grow our community and our program so all students can feel included and their opinions heard. I will strive to listen to everyone and I believe that communication is key in a student representative body like the Aviation Society.

 VP Finance and Admin 

Simon Germain (Uncontested)

Hi everyone!

My name is Simon, and I am a third year Science and Aviation student (physics spec.). When I started at the University of Waterloo back in 2018, the aviation society was still in its infancy. However, since then I have watched as it has grown to become a central aspect of the aviation programs. In this time, I have had the pleasure of attending and/or volunteering at all major events hosted by the aviation society, in doing so learning the logistical challenges of organizing such events.
Now that I am entering my third year, I believe that now is the time for me to step up on behalf of my peers to ensure that the investments made on the part of the Aviation Society are reflective of the interests and values of the aviation students. After all, the purpose of the Aviation Society is to serve and stimulate the interests of its members regarding aviation, and now that I have recently completed my flight training at the WWFC, I plan to shift my focus to ensuring my peers maximize their experience within our aviation programs. I have long admired the dedication and commitment of the executive team, and it is now that I feel I have both the experience and the time to properly commit to this position.
As we all know, the current global pandemic has brought with it a large amount of uncertainty regarding the coming year. However, as VP Finance and Admin, I plan to ensure that the resources of the Aviation Society are distributed as efficiently and evenly as possible given the circumstances. While this next year will be unlike any the Aviation Society has faced before, I welcome the challenge and I hope that, given the opportunity, I can help to make it the best year the Aviation Society has seen to date.

In any case, if you ever have any questions regarding your training or simply want to chat, don’t be afraid to reach out because it would be my pleasure. I hope to see you all again soon!

 VP Marketing 

Ashley Chan

My name is Ashley and I am going into my third year of Geography and Aviation. Over the past year, I have been extremely fortunate to be able to serve as the VP Marketing and work alongside the other executives and coordinators in the planning and coordination of events such as the Aviation Career day, exam review day and bowling night. I also oversaw all the society’s communication channels, including Instagram, the UWAS website and event signups, to ensure contents are uploaded and up to date.

During the past few months where all events have been put to a halt due to the pandemic, I have managed to find meaningful ways to engage with students through the alumni webinars and Instagram takeovers.

I have insight for the responsibilities that the position of VP marketing holds and if I am elected, I will make sure that students’ opinions are heard and that all society events and opportunities will be transparent and accessible to all students through marketing initiatives. I believe that all students should have equal opportunities and their engagements and opinions are key for the growth of the aviation society.

Blake Puzon

My name is Blake Puzon, and I am running for the VP Marketing position for the Aviation Society. I am entering my 2B Science and Aviation this fall, and am looking forward to starting my Multi-Engine Rating and IFR this year! Growing up, I combined my passion for aviation with a new-found love of photography, and started a plane spotting account on Instagram to further expand upon this skill. What started as a centralized place to post my aviation pictures and video grew into a larger following, and ended up teaching me the basics of social media management, while gaining proficiency in several products in the Adobe suite such as Lightroom and Photoshop.

Last year, I frequently worked with the Society as a Marketing Coordinator, specializing in the various social media outlets the Society has. In this unprecedented time of the COVID-19 pandemic, my platform for this year is to further revamp the website and online platforms to engage with students and alumni, highlighting their successes and promoting the university’s aviation program as a whole. With events going virtual this term, I plan to continue creating eye-catching promotional content, while utilizing our social media outlets to allow for unique opportunities to be made available for students. Finally, I plan on starting a Youtube channel for the society, with a focus on accurately depicting student experiences within the aviation program. Creating a catalog of video content for events and flying achievements allows for a backlog of content that can be used to promote the program at future events, as well as be posted to the society’s website to engage with current, and potential students.

Like the rest of the aviation program, I share a common, deeply-rooted passion for flying. Combining this with my technical skills and previous experience in a similar role within the Society, I assure that engaging opportunities will be made available to students through our online platforms, and the amazing things that our students and alumni do will be brought to light.

 VP Outreach 

Christian Leonard (Uncontested)

Thanks for investing your time to read about my interest in representing you on the UW Aviation Society as your VP Outreach this year. My name is Christian Leonard. I am going into my fourth year of Science and Aviation and I am approaching the tail end of my flight training. As VP Outreach my first priority would be working with the society to continue to bring in valuable connections for our community to meet and learn from, even while we juggle this transition to an online semester. I would love to look into getting in touch with organizations and companies that may help us discover a path directly into the industry graduating from University rather than just the major airlines specifically. In my mind a larger web of options in the industry is especially valuable due to the current state of the aviation job market. Personally, I have aspirations in becoming an Air Traffic Controller rather than being a pilot. With this in mind, if there are any of you reading this that may be unsure if flying is for you, I would also be very interested in looking into connecting with professionals and alumni in other aspects of the industry for our program to learn and get excited about. I was happy to see the mentorship program launch this past winter and was happy to volunteer my time and experience to the incoming students. I believe it is also valuable as we all grow through the program and become more senior students that the upper years also have alumni mentors somewhere in the industry. Especially in the current climate I think building a broader web of connections to the society and hopefully continuing the societies goals of launching the alumni aspect of the mentorship program is something I would be very interesting in working hard to accomplish. I believe I would be a great fit for this position with a variety of experience throughout my University career under my belt. As a student leader at St. Jerome’s University College, I spent two years working directly with the Outreach and Recruitment Coordinator. In this role I learned a wide variety of skills connecting with future students, parents, guidance councillors, and alumni. I believe I can use these experiences to effectively and carefully communicate with organizations, sponsorships, and our own alumni throughout this role. I also have served as a Student Leadership Program facilitator and learned how to naturally interact in a professional setting throughout that role. I can guarantee that I will represent our program and UW as a whole with the upmost professionalism and help to bring the same experiences to our students even considering the current developments. Thank you for learning more about me and I am excited to have the opportunity to possibly represent you to our connections, sponsors, and alumni this upcoming year. Cheers.

 VP Events 

Joy Wan

Hi everyone, I'm Joy and I'm in my third - and possibly last academic year - of Science and Aviation!
The past year's cancelled Aviation Gala was very unfortunate and I know it had taken a whole years worth of planning. No doubt was it the event I was the most excited for this year. There were some ideas I had heard that I thought were great but they were not solidified into the event and if I have the honor of being elected as VP Events, I would like to use the ideas on the next Gala. I would also like to continue the review sessions we had right before finals this year, as I saw how helpful it was to a majority of us.

During the past year, I have had the privilege of working along side the VP Events as an Events Coordinator, which helped me understand the importance and duties of the role. If I were elected as VP Events, I promise to listen to the student body for suggestions and ideas. I will also work with all the other VPs, since Events branches a little into each of their roles and requires all their support as well.

In the past, I have organized and helped out at many events. For aviation, this includes volunteering at Girls Can Fly, Grade Six Tours at our Flight Centre, and UWAS Career Day. For campus involvement, I am a Science Ambassador which includes helping out at the university's Open Houses and other events for incoming or prospective students. Outside of aviation and campus events, I have volunteered overseas as an English teacher and had made a two week teaching plan geared towards elementary school students, with a small group of other volunteers. From my experiences I\'ve had and skills I have strengthened through helping out or planning these events, I believe I am the best fit for this position.
Thank you for taking your time to read this!

Miranda Yuen

My name is Miranda, and I am heading into second year of science and aviation. I spent the previous year as the voice of my first year cohort as the first year representative and was actively involved in aviation society as part of the general executive team. Upon being elected as first year representative, I voiced their concerns and opinions in meetings, and helped reach out to international first years that were stuck in Canada with the COVID-19 situation. As the member of the general executive team, I have been fortunate to be able to play my role in planning and execution for many aviation events in the previous year. In preparation for Career day, I made announcements on our social media, and monitored registration; and on the day of, I was involved in event set-up, reception, and moderated the panel of alumni.

In these uncertain times, it will be more important than ever to continue to cultivate the aviation community and stay connected. If elected as the Vice President of Event Planning, I look forward to pushing for online events that will continue the great events such as Career Day, that we have grown to love as a community, as well as introduce new social events geared towards online networking. Through online platforms, I hope to foster events featuring various guest speakers in the form of alumni and members of the aviation industry. Even in these difficult times, I hope to allow all of us to remain connected and become acquainted with the aviation industry.

I believe I can be a strong fit as the Vice President of Event planning as a previous member of the general executive team and my varied experience in event planning through other clubs. During my first year in Waterloo, I was involved in event planning for the Hong Kong Student Association and the MOMO student association. In planning events such as Orientation, cultural events and end of term celebrations, I have acquired a varied skill set in planning different types of events. In playing an active role as first year representative involved event planning and execution in the previous year, I understand how the aviation society operates and the challenges that come with accepting this position.

Despite the challenging circumstances, I hope to foster the deep connection between us aviation students and continue being a part of the great community we’ve worked so hard to develop. Even if the events will be virtual, I hope that we can create events that allow everyone to be involved in what they love and build their careers in aviation.

 Second Year Representative 

Demetri James

Hello everyone, my name is Demetri James and I am about to enter second year in the Science and Aviation program. My goal is to become the second year representative as it would be an honour to try and improve the quality of this program anyway I am able to. If I were to be elected I would have three main priorities to help improve the aviation society as a whole. My first priority would be to make sure every voice is heard and brought into the spotlight. The second would be to help maintain order and routine even with how COVID-19 disrupted our classroom training from our physical training. My third priority would be to be seen as an amiable leader so that i can be easily approached with any problem someone may be struggling with in their academic career. Finally, I believe I am qualified for this position due to my numerous leadership roles throughout my educational career such as being apart of Link Leaders and OELC annually as well as numerous leadership tasks throughout my first year . The things I learned throughout these extra curricular activities assisted in refining both my intrapersonal and interpersonal skills which I believe will be put to good use as a representative.

Jeremy Weisberg

My name is Jeremy Weisberg. I am currently going into my second year of the Science and Aviation program. Like many aviation students, I have grown up with a passion for aviation and could not be happier to finally be pursuing my dream.

This year, I aim to be second year representative. This is a very critical year for us second-years, given that our first summer of flying was unfortunately cancelled, and all of our classes this year will be online. Because of this, I am basing my platform off of transparency, communication, and comradery.

Transparency and communication are two aspects which I find to be very important given the situation we are in. Many times over the summer I have been asked by my parents about flying, classes, finances, and just about anything to do with the aviation side of our program. Most of the time I cannot find the answer to their questions. My main goal as the second year representative is to push for better, more frequent communication between all things aviation in our program. Communication can be difficult when everything is online, and I promise to commit all my efforts to making sure us students know any necessary info about our program. No student should be left in the dark about anything, especially in a program we all pay thousands attend.

As the online semester begins, I think comradery between aviation students will be especially important. It is now difficult to meet people in your classes given the majority are online. However, I want to see my peers succeed. I plan to connect aviation students in order to help them overcome the upcoming challenge we are all about to face, so that we all have someone to lean on, and don\'t have to face a year of classes on our own. Us aviation students all have similar goals in mind. With a representative who can create a sense of comradery like no other program in the school, we can all achieve amazing things in these tough situations.

This will not be my first time in an executive position in which I need to perform these duties.I am currently in a similar position in one of the fraternities at Waterloo, where my position includes reporting to the president, and communicating with current members, alumni, and international staff. Along with this, I have had similar year representative positions in high school, and past jobs.

I truly believe that with myself as your second year representative, this upcoming year can be an overwhelmingly positive experience for us all.

Tyler Jing

Hello everyone!

My name is Tyler and I’m running to represent you as your second-year representative.

Ever since I was a kid growing up in Toronto, I had an immense passion for aviation that always made me that “one guy who loved planes”. Now, I feel honoured to be surrounded by a community of fellow peers that share that very same passion to pursue our dreams in aviation. Not only have I always loved all things aviation, but I am also always eager to lend a helping hand and to use the platforms I have to make things happen for those around me.

As a 2nd-year aviation student myself, I understand that there are concerns among our second-year community as we trek through this UW aviation journey. If I am elected as your second-year rep, I will strive to be a reliable and consistent liaison of communication between our class and those in charge at WWFC and UW.

Communication of our concerns and information hasn’t always been clear between us and the flight centre, and I would love to act as your voice to address our collective and individual thoughts. From improved transportation options to more straightforward relaying of information, I will strive to bring positive change to our aviation community.

You’re looking for someone with confidence, efficiency, and an open year to understand what needs to be done, and I know I have the experience required to effectively get the job done. Having been a Residence Ambassador and Student Ambassador for the University of Waterloo for the past few months, I have what it takes to represent others and clearly share what I have to say to others. I was also the Vice President of my high school Music Council from 2018-2019, allowing me to effectively take on a leadership role, consult with school admin and faculty, as well as representing those in the music student body.

We have a crew of incredibly motivated, passionate, and inspiring individuals in our aviation class, and it would be an honour and privilege for me to represent you on the Aviation Society for the upcoming year. As we soar through the challenges and successes ahead of us, I look forward to seeing you again soon.

 Third Year Representative 

Nathaniel Snider

Hi aviation students and society! My name is Nate Snider and I am entering my third year in the Science & Aviation program. Hopefully by now I have had the privilege of meeting each and every one of you in our third-year class, but if not, I would love to chat! I of course love aviation and all things that fly, but I also love talking sports, particularly baseball. I have been on the Varsity Baseball team since joining the university, but I am looking forward to hopefully serving the third-year class this year as well! Beyond athletics, in my high school days I was co-chair of the leadership committee in my final year, and before that an executive member of that committee for two years prior. This leadership committee experience is something I feel translates well to the committee I am now applying for. This year I am looking to ensure that the third-year class is set up in the best possible manner to succeed when we graduate, whether it be in a strong or weak job market. I plan on achieving this goal through ensuring that every aspect of the job market is covered. From the small remote carriers to the largest airlines, I want you, the third-year class, to be in position to achieve employment directly after graduation with a carrier that suits both the employers and your own needs. My belief that this issue should be tackled now is because when applying for jobs next year, a firm understanding of what each side of the industry offers is essential. However, while I may have a specific plan in mind, I really want to hear from you all this year! I am certain each of you have ideas of how to make the society better, and I wish to ensure that those ideas are heard loud and clear by the rest of the society. Now that we are in third year, I believe we have a firm grasp on the university life, and with this firm grasp comes ideas on how to improve upon it. That is the bridge I wish to be for this year’s class. I also strong believe that I have the tools necessary to not be overlooked in a meeting. If the third-year class is adamant that they have an idea that works, I will ensure that it is not only heard, but is given the best opportunity to succeed as well. I know that through my hard-working spirit and approachable demeanor I can ensure that the third-year class will not only be heard, but will be set up to succeed in any future endeavors that we wish to pursue.

Nicholas Marnika

Hi everyone, Nick here! I hope I've served our class well over the past year! It has certainly been a lot different than anyone could have imagined, but we've made the best out of it. I hope you were happy with the job I did last year and I hope you will give me a chance to do an even better job this coming year!

 Fourth Year Representative 

John Koumarelas (Uncontested)

Hello! I'm John Koumarelas and I\'m running for Fourth Year Representative. I\'m going into fourth year of the science and aviation program and was the Third Year Representative fr the 2019-2020 school year. For this upcoming year, it is without a doubt we will face unique challenges at UW & WWFC. I promsise if elected the voices of the Fourth years will be represented on the Society to the best of my ability. Having been your Third Year Representative, it would be great to pick up where we left off and make our Fourth Year the best it can be!

 Geography Representative 

Ashley Gellatly (Uncontested)

My name is Ashley Gellatly, and I am entering my third year of study in Geography and Aviation.  I had the pleasure of being one of the Event Coordinators for the UW Aviation Society for the last year.  This year, I would love to be the Geography Representative for the UW Aviation Society, as I genuinely enjoy attending meetings and feel that I can effectively represent the students of the Geography and Aviation program at UWAS meetings as well as positively influence the amount of funding UWAS receives from the Environment Students Society.   I believe that I am the best fit for the Geography Representative position because I have volunteered at several on-campus events in the past as a Geography and Aviation student representative, and I have also had the opportunity to be the representative student for the Aviation program at UW as a whole as an acting student ambassador at several university events.  These events included private events for prospective students on campus, and the online Environment Live Chat for Geography and Aviation students, where professors and I welcomed incoming students to the program and shared experiences and expectations coming into the program.  Myself and other representing aviation students also personally telephoned accepted students to welcome them to the program this year.  I look forward to taking on this role this coming year and continuing to work with the UW Aviation Society.

 Science Representative 

Abhijith Ajith (Uncontested)

Hey fellow aviators!

My name is Abhijith (Abhi for short) and I\'m in my second year of the Science and Aviation program.

The role of Science and Aviation representative helps me play an active role in the growth of our Aviation society and also have a positive impact on our Waterloo aviation community. I would aim to bring a system of transportation between the University and WWFC, which is a problem most of us face. I would also make information about the specializations and minors within the science degree more readily available, a massive effort especially for first years. Lastly, I would also bring about a method of having students make more connections with graduates in the industry helping them with info regarding job interviews and placements.

My international cultural exposure, self-deprecating humor and easy to approach style makes me an ideal fit for the post while being part of the student council in various capacities back in high school gives me the required experience to handle the duties that this post entails.

I look forward to having the opportunity to be a part of this amazing society and to bring my enthusiasm and passion to the team.


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