Who Can Participate: All current UW Aviation Students including those in final year that have not yet commenced (or those that commenced at the 2021 Spring commencement) but excluding incoming first-year students that have not begun lectures yet can participate in this election. Of those able to participate, only students that are going to be enrolled in full-time studies at UW during the 2021/2022 academic year may run for a position.


Elections for Executive, Year Representative, and Program Representative Positions  

Nomination Period: May 26, 2021 to June 4, 2021 at 23:59 EDT

Campaigning and Voting Period: June 5, 2021 to June 19, 2021 at 23: 59 EDT (Voting will be open from Saturday,  June 12, 2021 to Saturday, June 19, 2021.

Results Announced: The week of June 21, 2021

Second nomination period for vacant positions : June 21, 2021 to June 27, 2021 at 23:59 EDT

Voting period for current vacant positions: June 29, 2021 at noon to July 3, 2021 at 23: 59 EDT*

Results Announced for second voting period: The week of July 5, 2021.

*Revised from previous schedule. Voting Period has been cahnged from starting at June 28, to June 29 at noon instead. 

Elections/Appointments for First Year Representative and Coordinator Support Positions

Mid-Late September (Dates TBD by newly elected executive council)


All candidate are displayed in alphabetical order of cadidate's lastname. Campaign pictures and summaries are posted unaltered, as submitted by the nominees.

VP Events .jpg

Joy Wan (Uncontested)

Hey everyone! My name is Joy, and I am currently in 4B of Science and Aviation.

In the last three years, I’ve grown in the University of Waterloo Aviation Society, starting as a general member in first year, then Events Coordinator in second year, and Vice President of Events in third year. Because of my time spent at every level in UWAS – general, support, and executive – I understand the need for communication between all. If I am elected as president, I will make sure ALL voices are heard.
The beginning of this past school year, there was a slow start to events and initiatives due to a lack of communication. Additionally, a majority of the executives did not have prior UWAS experience, and it was difficult to start without knowing what was expected. With my experience on the team for the last two years – in-person and online – I understand the foundation to the society and am a strong fit for the role of UW Aviation Society President.
Other than prior UWAS involvement, I have been a trained mentor for both incoming students and first-year students, as well as a Science Ambassador. This allowed me to learn – and be able to share - about all the resources our university has to offer.
For the next year, if I am elected as president, I will carry on the following items: End-of-term review sessions, mentorship, industry panels, communications with the university and WWFC about common concerns, and the annual Aviation Gala. Along with these items, and other items that you may recommend, I wish to add the initiative for networking events with our peers who study at other flight schools, nationally and even internationally. You may have noticed that as the VP Events this past year, I have been dabbling with this idea through the few collaboration events we had with the Western Aviation Council – ie. game nights and Pen Pal Program. I believe the connections made with peers at the same flight training level or with the shared aviation interest, will be as valuable as the connections with industry panelists.
As the UW Aviation Society President, my focus will be on YOU – the students in our Aviation programs, including Aviation Specialization students – to make your time in the aviation program both memorable and enjoyable.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a great day!

 VP Finance and Admin 

Manouchka Bucktowar  (Uncontested)

Hello fellow students! My name is Manouchka Bucktowar and I will be a 4th year student enrolled in the Science & Aviation programme (Physics Specialisation). Knowing that my choice would not be an easy path, I worked out my time management and organisational skills. As such, I can confidently say that I will put the maximum effort into this role. I have always had a good sense of money management. In my high school years, I was the Head of the Student Body and during that time, I was entrusted with various planning and financial decisions. The responsibilities were collecting money from 800+ students, organising various successful school events and ensuring student satisfaction. In doing so, I discovered the value of building good relationships and listening to concerns and ensuring that both financial and event needs were met. At the university, I also got the opportunity to be elected as the Treasurer of the Winged Warriors Chapter but unfortunately with COVID-19, I did not have a full experience. 
Furthermore, I was consistently involved in the Aviation Society; from signing up for webinars (broadening my network) to supporting the team by participating in the video collage for the Aviation Gala. Additionally, at our flight school, I volunteered in the Girls Can Fly event (where I safety briefed the young girls and chatted with their parents); it was encouraging seeing how inspired these young girls were! I also helped in Grade 6 Tours (where I had to plan the activities of the students), as well as at an event organised by Jessalyn Teed to educate young females about the industry. During some of these events, I was in a position where I had to use critical thinking and quick problem-solving skills to make appropriate decisions in a timely manner. I also recognised the importance of asking help when needed to make sure I was heading in the right direction.  
Throughout all these events, it was a pleasure to always lend a helping hand and I would be delighted if I get the chance to do so again. With the above qualities combined with my easy-going personality and skills to manage money efficiently, I believe I will be a great asset to the Aviation Society; and being in the field, we all know the importance of efficiency!

 VP Marketing 

Anthony Daniel Galushka

My name is Anthony Daniel Galushka, and I am currently in my 3C term in the Geography and Aviation Program. I am very excited about the opportunity to apply for the VP of Marketing role at UWAS.
I believe I am a great fit for this role and could bring experience, knowledge, and creative ideas to the society. During the summer of 2020, I had the experience of working at the Ukrainian Canadian Care Centre in Toronto, Ontario among the communications department. I gained valuable knowledge from industry veterans and professionals as I helped create, and market the Care Centre to both families, and possible donors. This experience allowed me to gain experience with responsibilities like website redesign, website updating, media creation, fundraising promotion, fundraising communications, news publishing and marketing. I regularly was tasked with marketing and communications responsibilities such as updating the Centre's virtual tour and marketing that to potential residents. Or finding stories, and ideas to promote in the next weekly fundraiser update email that would be sent out to donors of the Centre. Media creation and the use of Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and Dreamweaver were all regular programs I utilized to create captivating and marketable content for the Care Centre.

My passion for aviation, the University, and our aviation community would make me a great fit, as I would regularly create content and communications that would market UWAS to more students and potential sponsors for future events. I hope to bring experience, a great attitude, and even better ideas to UWAS

Chloe Muhl

My name is Chloe, and I will be entering my second year of Science and Aviation in the fall. I would love to be your new VP of Marketing, as I feel I am a strong, passionate and qualified candidate. Like many of us, I always have my phone close by, and love sharing and communicating with others through various online platforms. During these difficult times of living through the covid pandemic, most of us have had to stay separated. It is, therefore, more important than ever that we make use of social media to help us all stay connected. It would be an understatement to say that it has been challenging as a new student to find ways to connect with my aviation peers. However, I have found the Aviation Societies social media pages to have been most helpful during this time, by keeping us up to date on fun events and activities. My goals are to continue this effective marketing style, while also bringing new ideas on how to engage more students on Aviation Society content. I plan to achieve this by maintaining the website and social media channels to the same degree of excellence, while going above and beyond by ensuring all students stay informed on related news, events and content. I will be available to students by listening to their preferences when it comes to the delivery of such information and cater to them by using social platforms where everyone is most active. I believe I am the perfect fit for this role as I am confident with using a wide variety of social media platforms, and have past experience running a few of my old high school’s social media pages. I am great at working on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Discord, and would be eager to broaden that experience by maintaining and updating the Aviation Societies website. I am very excited for this potential opportunity and am ready to use my love of social media to grow the Aviation Societies online platforms, as well as making sure students feel engaged and informed throughout the year.

Blake Puzon

My name is Blake Puzon, and I am running for the VP Marketing position for the Aviation Society. I am entering my 3B in Science and Aviation this term, and am currently working on my Instrument Rating! In first year, I frequently worked with the Society as a Marketing Coordinator, specializing in the various social media outlets the Society has. In this unprecedented time of the COVID-19 pandemic, I hope to help create engaging opportunities for students and alumni, highlighting their successes and promoting the university’s aviation program as a whole. With events going virtual this term, my social media experience as well as my previous leadership experience within the Air Cadets program make me an ideal candidate for this position. 

Like the rest of the aviation program, I share a common, deeply-rooted passion for flying. Combining this with my technical skills and previous experience within the Society, I assure you that the goals and ideals of the Society will be upheld, and the amazing things that our students and alumni do will be brought to light

 VP Outreach 

Zach Bowerman

As a first-year student on the University Aviation Society, I have seen the power of our aviation
community. Aviation is about who you know, and more importantly, how they know you. As your VP of Outreach, I would be honored to help you, as young aviation professionals in this growing industry, build the network you need to be successful. Using UWAS as a platform, I will introduce first- and second-year pilots into this community while helping senior students make strong, valuable connections with industry partners. I will provide these opportunities through career workshops and mentorship programs utilizing both current students and alumni of the program. I will also use the various events run by the aviation society to help bring positive and meaningful interactions to you. Helping to make connections that could possibly earn your first or even dream job in the industry. Last year, I served as the General Logistics Coordinator for UWAS. Although helping in several sections of the society, I most notably worked under the past UWAS VP of Outreach, Christian Leonard, organizing the industry panel for UWAS’ 2021 Gala. I specifically contacted and conversed with Air Canada, Sunwing and WestJet professionals. I learned how the VP of Outreach position works and the skills it requires: professionalism, adaptability, and communication. Skills in which I have acquired during my time in UWAS as well as my various roles a young leader in school parliament and extracurriculars. In terms of aviation experience, I have been flying since 2017 as both a glider and private pilot while continuously growing my own network. As we finally conquer the pandemic, I want to be a VP of Outreach who not only provides opportunity but uses the society’s connections to build a name and reputation for the pilots produced by our program. I can guarantee I will provide you with opportunities that will heighten both your aviation career and your skills as a young professional. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Tyler Jing

Hi everyone! My name is Tyler and I am currently entering my third year of Science and Aviation, and I am running to represent you as VP Outreach for the coming year.


If elected as VP Outreach, my ultimate goal is to ensure that everything the society pursues is for the benefit of you, the aviation student, and not solely society members. Through reaching out to industry partners and alumni, I will strive to be the liaison between the student body and aviation companies with every one of you in mind. We’ve already missed many opportunities due to the pandemic, and I am eager to reach out to organizations that’ll bring us a variety of events, workshops, and financial contributions that will strengthen our careers. 


This past year I had the absolute honour of representing my peers as Second-Year Representative for the Aviation Society. Over the last few months, I voiced out the frustrations that my classmates faced through flight training during the pandemic and worked closely with UWAS executives to plan out various events. In November 2020, I hosted UWAS’ Virtual Career Day and reached out to industry partners at WestJet, NAV Canada and UW Engineering. Through this experience, I gained invaluable experience to positively represent UW Aviation as a whole, as well as bringing unique opportunities to us as students.


Aside from my previous experience on the Aviation Society, I have an extensive background in administration and connecting with others. As a UW Student Ambassador, I’ve been able to professionally communicate with both industry and faculty representatives as well as visitors and guests. I was also the Vice President of my high school Music Council, allowing me to effectively consult with school admin and faculty, as well as representing those in the music student body.


We have a community of incredibly passionate, motivated and inspiring students in aviation, and it would be the utmost honour to represent you to bring bigger and better experiences. Through my previous experience, understanding of student needs, and overall passion to help others, I believe I am the best choice to represent you as VP Outreach this year.


As the challenges brought on by the pandemic come to a hopeful close, I optimistically look forward to a new beginning for us Aviation students. Be excited, because we have a bright year ahead of us.

Nate Snider

My name is Nathaniel Snider and I am a fourth year student in Science & Aviation. Throughout my time at the university I have been privileged to have worked with many different people in various experiences, such as a member of the Varsity Baseball team, the finance captain for the UW Relay for Life committee, as a mentor with the aviation society and as a staff member at the flight centre as line crew. I now wish to ask for your support as I apply as VP of Outreach for the 2021/2022 Aviation Society Committee! My personable demeanor, outgoing nature and past experiences make what I believe to be an ideal candidate for this position! I am someone who will fight to ensure that all of our futures in the aviation field, have been accounted for so you can make the most informed decisions about your career. I will ensure that I will do everything in my power to give you, the aviation students of Waterloo, the best resources to aid in in your job search and career advancement. I wish to not only include the various major airlines and pilots that have been providing their generous support to this program for years, but also provide other aviation sector contacts to you, the students. I wish to provide contacts from business aviation, military, medevac, 703 and other operators so you can gain the most complete picture to what you wish to pursue and how to pursue it in the future. As VP of Outreach, I also wish to look at continuing to engage other aviation organizations from other schools to major nationwide initiatives to again provide you with a complete picture of Canadian aviation, and the pathways available. I also feel that alumni are a tremendous resource to students here at Waterloo. As VP of Outreach, I hope to create the foundation to allow for more students to contact the various alumni we have across the country and around the world. The unique ability we have at Waterloo to create a network between students and alumni is something I wish to pursue, and I feel it can foster a positive environment students can gain valuable insight from and allows for alumni to also use as a way to advance their careers, beyond their time as students on campus. Thank you for your consideration, and safe flying all!

 VP Events 


Available for runoff nominations  during the second election period.  More information to follow.

 Second Year Representative 

Marcus Wilson (Uncontested)

My name is Marcus Wilson and I am going into my second year of Science and Aviation and plan to complete a minor in both Physics and Astrophysics. I am currently finishing up my PPL in Pitt Meadows, BC and will spend the summer building hours to start my night rating at WWFC in the fall. Throughout my life, I have always had an admiration for aviation, though it was only in grade 10 when I made the decision to pursue becoming a pilot and hence joined the Air Cadet program. Through the Air Cadet program, my love for aviation grew and I gained knowledge about different careers in the aviation industry, as well as the paths towards those careers through learning from senior cadets.
I am qualified to be the second year representative due to my experience built in the air cadet program. In air cadets, I was both a flight commander and level head, meaning some of my primary responsibilities were determining the needs of my cadets, making those needs known to my superiors, as well as passing on information and updates to a wide number of cadets. This experience will transfer over to the role of second year representative, where it is vital to hear the needs of the second years, and to keep them informed of the ongoing activities of the society. In addition, I want to fill this role as throughout the COVID pandemic, first-year students such as myself did not have the opportunity to meet the students they would be spending the next few years with, so I am looking forward to getting the chance to meet and get to know others in the aviation program.
As I have met more people in the aviation community, whether it be from UW aviation, my flight school, or even online flying communities, I realized how flying brings people together. Through being the second year representative, I want to ensure that all second year students are able to experience the same sense of community I did as we begin our first in-person year of university, and for many, the first time flying.

I truly believe that with myself as your second year representative, this upcoming year can be an overwhelmingly positive experience for us all.

 Third Year Representative 


Available for runoff nominations  during the second election period.  More information to follow.

 Fourth Year Representative 


Available for runoff nominations  during the second election period.  More information to follow.

 Geography Representative 


Available for runoff nominations  during the second election period.  More information to follow.

 Science Representative 
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Abhijith Ajith 

My name is Abhijith and I am running for the position of Science and Aviation representative. 

As the current Science and Aviation representative, I have had many exciting interactions with high school students who have been accepted into the program. Being able to provide incoming students the insight I wish I had when I joined the program is a task I highly value and want to continue doing for this year.

My experience being involved with the marketing team on an international aviation project called Project Boom provides me with the necessary skills to capably highlight the benefits and experiences offered by the Science and Aviation program. My involvement with the Science Society Board of Directors as a part of my previous position and my current position as the Science and Aviation director on the Faculty of Science Foundation ensures that I am part of the key developments on the Science front of our program and can provide the required assistance to students when the need arises. Also, these roles have further developed my ability to take initiative, orchestrate events, and communicate effectively. I believe these skills make me an ideal candidate for the position and I would be extremely grateful for your support. I look forward to working with the society to ensure another amazing year for the Waterloo aviation


Cameron Sills

Hi, I’m Cameron Sills!! I've always been interested in flying ever since I was a little kid. Ever since I joined the science and aviation program I have been able to realize my dream. I am currently working toward my PPL and am writing the PPAER exam at the end of the month. I am hoping to specialize in biochemistry throughout my remaining years at Waterloo. I’ve always enjoyed everything that the aviation society has made available to us aviation students so I just want to do my part in returning the favor. I want to do this through the role of Science Representative. Here I can make sure the students in the science faculty have their opinions and voices heard at Aviation Society meetings. I have some experience before as an executive of the prom and athletic committee in High school so I know I am up to the task. I appreciate your consideration, Vote for Me!!!

Jeremy Weisberg

Hello, my name is Jeremy Weisberg. I just finished my second year of Science and Aviation and this year I aim to be the Aviation Society Science Representative.

Like many of you, my passion for aviation runs deep, and I am proud to be a member of this class. This past year, I have become deeply involved in both Waterloo’s science community and WUSA, serving as an executive member of multiple clubs, most notably, ChemClub.

As an executive of ChemClub, I have the responsibility of attending Science Society board of directors meetings. My goal as Science Representative is to get the Aviation community more involved in Waterloo’s science community by using the voice and position I have worked to achieve. I have noticed this lack of involvement of Aviation students in the Science community, and in some cases, a lack of inclusion of Aviation students by the Science community. 

I believe the connection between the Aviation Society and the Science Society that I can provide will prove to be extremely invaluable.

The aviation society has done a phenomenal job providing us with events, mentorship, and helping students to achieve great things as aviation students. I am ready to provide aviation students with the same mentorship, opportunities, and events for us as on the Science side of things.

I'm thankful for this opportunity to be able to bring the connection between the science community and the aviation community to new heights. I hope to receive your vote come election time.