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Please read carefully before participating in the election process.


All current UW Aviation Students, including those in their final year that have not yet convocated, but excluding incoming first-year students that have not begun lectures yet can participate in this election. Of those able to participate, only students that are going to be enrolled in full-time studies at UW during the 2023/2024 academic year may run for a position.


The successful candidate will be the one with the most votes.  In the case of a candidate winning two positions, the candidate will choose their preferred position (after being contacted by UWAS) and a run-off election for the remaining candidates of the other position will be conducted. In the case of a tie, a re-vote will take place until the tie is broken. 

Nominees were eligible to run for up to two positions: President, and/or one executive position, and/or one representative position.


Elections for Executive, Year Representative, and Program Representative positions

  • Nominations Open - Wednesday, March 13, 2024

  • Nominations Close - Monday, March 25, 2024

  • Campaign Begins - Wednesday, March 27, 2024

  • Voting opens - Friday, March 29, 2024

  • Voting closes - Friday, April 5, 2024

  • Run-off elections (If needed) - Monday, April 8- Friday, April 12, 2024

  • Results Announced: At the Aviation Gala on April 27, 2024

*First-year representative and council coordinator positions will open in the Spring to Fall term of 2024.


All candidates are displayed in alphabetical order. Campaign messages and images are posted unaltered, as submitted by the nominees. 


Hello! My name is Preksha and next year I’ll be entering my 4A term of Science and Aviation. UWAS has been one of the most important parts of my undergraduate career, and I’ve gained so many life skills from it. Since first year, I’ve been a part of UWAS as a general member, volunteer, events coordinator, and VP Events, and I’ve adapted to the responsibilities, workload and dynamic within the society. UWAS always had a special place in my heart and next year, I wish to utilize the experiences I cultivated to help you thrive in this program!

This year, as your VP Events I aimed to foster a tight-knit community for aviation students, and as your President I will accept and implement all your feedback to ensure that I cater to your needs. One of my biggest goals is to have transparent communication amongst UWAS and the aviation student body and create more opportunities for everyone to get involved.

I’ll continue pushing for chances for students to network with each other, alumni and industry guests, without compromising accessibility or paying expensive prices. Being in such a unique industry, next year I want to encourage more events revolving around aviation while valuing equity, inclusivity, and diversity. I’ll continue activities such as ATC Tower tours, Hangar tours, and PD Day but also plan on introducing new occasions such as Alumni Days, scholarship and pathway program application workshops, and an Aviation Ball alongside Gala.

I am dedicated and committed, and I promise to give my attention to meet everyone’s expectations to make your time in this program memorable. We have a strong aviation society, but I want to nurture an even stronger aviation community which is only possible with your help. It'll be my absolute honor to serve you as your President!


I am very happy to announce that I will be running for president of the University of Waterloo Aviation Society this year. My name is Shaldon Jennings, and I am a Geography and Aviation student currently finishing up CPL requirements.
Over the past two years, I have immersed myself in the world of aviation and been dedicated to being involved. I have had the amazing opportunity to serve as year representative for my class for first and second year and you may have also seen me working the ramp at the flight centre, or volunteering at different events like the Waterloo institute for sustainable aeronautics summit, industry day, or Girls Can Fly day.
Through these experiences, I have been fortunate to have gotten to know my fellow students, colleagues, and peers very well. It has given me the gift of friendship, leadership skills, and a large network of like-minded, driven individuals.
I know my skill set, experience, and personability, combined with my passionate goals within the aviation world would make me a strong candidate for president this year. I hope to continue serving Waterloo Aviation students through a variety of ways, while offering my strongest efforts to give back. For example, I aim to run events that bring fresh aviation experiences, foster community, and that provide opportunities to network with each other and industry professionals.
At UW we have many amazing students, instructors, and alumni, that forms a strong support group. I aim to use all available resources and take advantage of what UW aviation has become so far, to give students the best experience this upcoming year and provide students with the support they need. I look forward to connecting with you all, whether it’s at the flight centre, in the air, or at school. And I hope you consider me as a candidate for president this year.


Dear fellow aviators, I'm Ashveen! A little about me...

I'm an enthusiastic aviation advocate and a WISA ambassador. As part of their program, I blog about life as a student pilot and how I got the aviation bug. Aside from that, I love planning memorable events!

My background in planning and executing goes back to high school, where I was the Chapter Head of a non-profit, student-run organization (STEM Fellowship). As a Head, I organized bake sales, movie/jeopardy nights, and countless competitions with many fun prizes! I was also one of the captains of my robotics team, and my role was helping to coordinate competitions at Western and our very own Waterloo and plan events to garner the interest of our student body.

Currently, I'm a part of WISA and involved in various leadership roles. As a result, I solidified a deep understanding of the importance of community and engagement, the kind we need at UWAS! These opportunities have not only provided me with the essential skills to take UWAS to greater levels but also offer you the chance to enjoy yourselves all at once!

As the VP of Events, I pledge to you three core values:
1. Enhancing our networking events to better our connections with aviation professionals
2. Bring you fun/distinct events that elevate our community to new heights
3. Guaranteeing that our budget optimizes the impact of every event we envision

You might wonder, 'What innovative events can we anticipate?' You can expect:
• Model plane contest - Compete in designing/building the most aerodynamic plane.
• Sunset Planespotting Picnics at WWFC.
• Trip to CYYZ - meet pilots and management (great for getting an insight into their lifestyle!!!).
• Canoeing.
• Tree-top Trekking.

This is just the beginning; we have a horizon brimming with many possibilities ahead!


Hi, my name is Devan Bidmead, and I will be in my second year of the Science and Aviation program next year. I am studying physics and earth science. I am currently the Events Coordinator for UWAS and want to become your VP of Events on next year's council. I got involved in UWAS in my first semester of university, and I have been working hard in my role since. I am passionate about the events role and I am excited to continue planning and running events to bring aviation students together. I have been training this year on how to run and plan events like the gala, so I will be able to adapt easily to the VP Events role next year if I get voted. I know a lot about this role and UWAS from my valuable first-hand experiences as the events coordinator, and I have gained lots of experience and external contacts to help with the planning of the gala and other events. Since I have been training as the coordinator for this role, I will be able to get right into planning events for you next year without needing to learn how to adjust to the role first. I will always be open to suggestions about the general meetings or gala and how to make them inclusive for everyone. I would plan a lot more fun events next year for the upper and lower years to come out and get to know each other, as well as some more fun aviation-related events like plane spotting. Please feel free to reach out at any time if you have questions or suggestions for me or if you just want to chat. I hope to see you all at this year's gala!


Hello! My name is Preksha and next year I’ll be entering my 4A term of Science and Aviation. This year, I had the extraordinary opportunity of working alongside the UWAS Executive Team as your VP Events where I utilized my two previous years of experience in UWAS to foster a community for aviation students. For next year, I have an abundance of event ideas that I’m excited to organize for everyone!

The biggest event I plan to continue is conducting ATC Tower tours and Hangar tours to explore various aviation premises! I’ll take everyone’s feedback to host spontaneous activities like plane-spotting, tubing, paintball, bowling, and escape rooms, alongside intimate events like movie, painting, karaoke, and trivia/bingo nights where students can connect. I thrive to arrange on-campus events to introduce new opportunities without compromising accessibility.

For networking, I wish to arrange personalized and intimate events where students can sustain worthwhile connections. I want to organize Alumni Days to gain valuable insights on future pathways, how to attain them, and be well-informed of application deadlines. Furthermore, I’ll arrange resume building and cover letter writing events, drop-in sessions to have them edited, and workshops explaining the process of filling out applications for scholarships and post-graduation pathway programs.

This year, I successfully organized unique events and I’ll use the feedback I received to improve the events next year. Rather than wasting time on being trained for this role, I can immediately get started with event planning by using the experiences I’ve gained. With my dedication and commitment, I promise to give my attention to serving your needs to make your time in the program memorable. We have a strong aviation society, but I want to nurture an even stronger aviation community. It'll be my absolute honor to continue serving you as your VP Events!



My name is Ayesha Jehan and I am going into my fourth year in fall 2024. I was honored to serve as your VP of Finance and Administration this past year. As we approach election season, I am compelled to share with you why I believe I am the best candidate for re-election.

During my tenure, I dedicated myself to improving the financial health of our society. I managed our budget, ensuring that every dollar spent has been allocated wisely and in alignment with our society's goals. I efficiently found areas where we could save costs, allowing us to invest in activities and events that benefit you.

Transparency has been my main goal during my tenure as VP Finance. I made it my priority to communicate openly and honestly with the council members about our financial challenges and successes. By providing regular updates, I cultivated trust and accountability for myself amongst the council members.

Furthermore, I put in tremendous efforts to enhance our financial efficiency, by implementing new practices that ultimately helped us by reducing administrative burdens and minimizing unnecessary costs. These efforts have not only saved resources, but have also set us up for long-term sustainability. Due to this, we were able to run more events this year, reduce ticket prices for the gala and implement numerous new opportunities.

Beyond my qualifications and experience with the club, what truly sets me apart is my unwavering passion for this society. I have been involved in events since my first year and have been on the council for a year now. I ask for your trust and support as I seek re-election as Vice President of Finance. With your vote, I am confident that we can continue to foster this great community and build a more resilient community.

Thank you!


Hello there! Thanks for stopping by! My name is Ehsan Adra I'm going into my fourth year of the Science and Aviation program! My professional experience in financial analysis, budgeting, and forecasting equips me with the ability to develop strategic financial plans that align with the club's objectives and maximize resources. Beyond my technical expertise, I am highly organized, proactive, and adept at collaborating with diverse teams to achieve common goals. I am committed to fostering transparency and accountability within the club's financial operations, thereby fostering trust and confidence among members. Moreover, my genuine interest in supporting the university community aligns with the club's mission, and I am eager to leverage my skills to contribute positively to its growth and success.


Hi everyone! I’m Marcus, and I am running for VP Marketing. Last year, I helped UWAS create a year-end recap & graduation video for the 2023 Aviation Gala. Additionally, as a UWAS merchandise coordinator in this academic year, I designed various merchandise items and was also tasked with designing some logos and posts. With the skills and experience I gained, I believe they can be applied as VP Marketing in UWAS. I am also a super creative person who is always full of interesting ideas. That said, I aim to provide everyone with a wonderful experience accessing UWAS’ media and to improve the appearance of UWAS.

Referring to my poster, I provide a simplistic yet meaningful design style, with both the contrasting elements of “Aviation” and “Gala” embedded into one harmonious theme. As for my media, this is the thumbnail of my recent YouTube video about a day in my life! Apart from that, you are also welcome to check out my video design style by searching my YouTube channel @Pilot Marcus. Overall, I’m flexible in design styles and can adapt to different styles for various occasions.

Nonetheless, I believe voting for a VP Marketing is not just about choosing the poster design you like. It is also about showing approval for the person’s ability to utilize current platforms and available resources to maximize their usage, and that’s what I can offer. Therefore, please vote and support me :)


Hi everyone! I’m Alisha and am thrilled to run for VP Outreach this fall. As an outspoken and driven individual, I am confident that I would be an asset to UWAS in the role of Vice President of Outreach. We all know that in our industry, networking and developing meaningful professional relationships is crucial for success. As VP Outreach, I will assist UWAS in broadening its overall impacts and creating a network of professionals within the aviation community.

Currently I am a member of the UWP residence council and on a weekly basis, I help organize several events and have coordinated with many external companies to collaborate in bringing Campus Housing events to life. This experience and comfortability with outreach roles will allow me to drive sponsorship initiatives forward, which ensures the sustainability of aviation endeavors and provides greater opportunities for all Aviation students. In addition, my experience with event planning and management will allow me to reach out to professionals in our industry so that events like PD day and Gala can run smoothly once again. Maybe, I'm just winging it (did you laugh), but together we reach new heights and create a profound impact in the aviation community.


Hi, my name is Liam Doherty, and I am running for the Vice President Outreach position for the University of Waterloo Aviation Society! For those who don’t know me, I am in my 2B term of Geography and Aviation and was a part of UWAS last term as the Geography Representative. I have also just started my CPL time building phase of flying.
Being involved has been my main goal so far during my time at university. From working a job at the airport, to volunteering at various events around campus as well as the flight centre, I believe these experiences have taught me valuable communication and people skills which are key for the VP Outreach position. Being elected as Geography Representative last term has taught me a lot about how things work within the council, which has given me the skills and knowledge to hopefully make it an easy transition into the VP Outreach role if elected.
Outreach is an important part of the council, as it revolves around communication with different schools and organizations. I believe with my experience playing in team sports, working as a Ground Hander Lead at Executive Aviation, and volunteering within the school has taught me valuable communication and leadership skills which will greatly help within the role of VP Outreach. My goal in this role if elected, is to maintain and build relationships with different schools and organizations around Canada as well as internationally, to bring new opportunities to the students.



Hi everyone, my name is Michal Nutar. I am going into my third year of the Science and Aviation Program, minoring in astrophysics. Currently, I am timebuilding for CPL.

My goal as Vice-President Outreach is to help aviation students make quality connections in aviation that will help them achieve their career goals.

I will do this by strengthening our connections with Conestoga College, Mount Allison University, Seneca College and Western University. I will also grow our connections to include other universities/colleges with similar programs. Through these connections, I plan to build a network of aviation students across Canada. With this network, aviation students will have the opportunity to develop social connections and learn from those with similar goals, who will one day be their professional colleagues.

I will also achieve this goal by growing and strengthening UWAS' industry connections. I plan to include multiple Canadian airlines and operators from a variety of sectors. This will allow students to make connections with those currently working in the specific field they wish to pursue. I will also expand our network to include airlines from across the globe, based on the interests of the students. On top of growing our connections, I plan to strengthen our current ones to secure sponsorships. Through these sponsorships, UWAS will be able to run multiple events and provide more resources for the benefit of all aviation students.

My experience as the Media and Tech Coordinator for UWAS, being part of the University of Waterloo Formula Electric student design team for the past 2 years, and being a former Air Cadet, has helped me to develop the leadership, teamwork and organizational skills needed to not only achieve these goals, but to also act as a link between industry professionals and the aviation students of Waterloo.


My name is Sam Galloway, and I am in my second academic year of Geography and Aviation, with a specialization in Geomatics. During my time as a member of UWAS, I’ve participated in various events such as the recent Professional Development Day and Beyond Borders networking event with several post-secondary aviation societies from Ontario and Nova Scotia. Each provided so much value to my development as a professional aviator, and I’ve wanted nothing more than to increase the frequency and scope of similar events at the university. I’ve come to notice this sentiment is shared between other society members.

If I were to be elected, I would expand upon the existing connections between UWAS and other post-secondary aviation societies in Ontario and beyond by establishing regularly scheduled meetings between societies to discuss potential events, disseminate information, and build relationships amongst students (and hopefully, future coworkers). In terms of alumni relations, I would like to make Waterloo’s alum more accessible to current students, while respecting their busy schedules. Having an alum do an Instagram ‘Ask Me Anything’ takeover, where students can respond and submit questions would be invaluable to students who may not have the resources, connections, or time to properly seek these answers.

If you want someone who will dedicate themselves to the continued improvement of the UWAS’ brand name, if you want someone who will increase access to beneficial alumni connections, if you want someone who will ______________ (insert whatever would make you vote for me here), then vote for Sam Galloway.


All candidates are displayed in alphabetical order. Campaign messages and images are posted unaltered, as submitted by the nominees. 


My name is Arnav Malhotra and I am excited to represent the aviation class of 2027 once again this year! Last year I was voted as the first-year representative to ensure that all incoming aviation students experienced a pleasant welcome to university and flight training, connected you with opportunities in the industry, planned fun events, and helped you with anything else you needed! After a successful first year, I look forward to continuing to work and meet all of you as we head into our second year in this shared aviation journey of ours!


If we did not get to talk, meet, or get to know each other in our first year together, let me briefly re-introduce myself! Similar to most of you, I have had a passion for aviation from a very young age and I decided to join Air Cadets to further explore that passion. Through Air Cadets, I earned my Glider and Private Pilot wings during two unforgettable summers. Many aviators also started their journey through Air Cadets and I am glad that I was able to become friends/connect with a lot of you second years who also shared this experience.


When starting my first term at Waterloo, I tried to make myself comfortable with the transition to university. However, I was even more committed to ensuring that each and every aviation student also received a similar positive experience. When I became your representative this past year, I made it my mission to uplift ALL of your experiences whether it was celebrating a milestone (thrusting your career), or working through difficult times (induced drag). This year, I would be overjoyed to continue representing you, through the good and bad! 


So with that, please vote Arnav Malhotra for your second-year representative and you certainly won’t regret it!


Hi I'm Dandin and I will be running for 2nd year representative. You have probably seen me around class and on campus. This year I decided to take a chance and hope to run for a position where I can become more involved in the student body (and meet a lot of you along the way)!

Vote for me!
1. My goal is to ensure all second years have the guidance to grow their careers at an early stage.
2. I want to pursue a plan for affordable transportation to and from WWFC for aviation students (carpool, shuttle, etc).
3. I love flying as much as you do!
Come see me in the GIS labs where I am working on an assignment error, meet you there!


As a proud candidate for the 2024 University of Waterloo Aviation Society 2nd year rep election, I, Sam Cooper, am delighted to present my vision for the future of our ever-growing community. Born and raised just over 4000 km away in Victoria, BC, my passion for aviation has run deep within me since I opened my eyes, sharing the same widely felt burning desire to soar in the sky. My overarching goal for us folks is clear: uniting and fostering a strongly connected community while equally showcasing individual strengths amongst one another. Over my past year at Waterloo, I have had the pleasure of connecting and meeting many classmates, mentors, and instructors. This social web for which I have spun myself has helped me achieve a sense of belonging and purpose within the Waterloo aviation community, further propelling me to success. As your 2nd year representative, it is of my utmost concern to help better connect and assist others to feel this sense of belonging and purpose that I am ever so grateful for. Though the title of “2nd-year rep” may appear on paper, at the end of the day, I am a young student with a passion for aviation. I hold true moral values to myself and work hard to reap the very benefits I dream of, and so can you! My campaign can be found on Instagram @coop.air. I hope to see your vote aside from my name.

Samuel Cooper


Hey everyone! My name is Callista Thompson and I am currently in my second year of the geography and aviation program. This summer I’ll be working towards my night rating and time building for CPL. Some of you may know me from working dispatch at the flight centre or from just being around campus/in class. For those of you who don’t know me, I like to think of myself as someone who is friendly and approachable, that you can come to with any question or concern. I am a passionate individual who would love to work with UWAS to create new opportunities within the industry for students. I’d like to create a better connection between all four years of science and geography students through more social events. I’d also like to seek your input on events that you want to see happen in order to make our aviation community even stronger. Kindly consider me for your third year rep!


As a prospective fourth-year representative for our aviation club, I believe I bring a unique blend of experience, dedication, and vision to the role. Having been an active member with the club for the past two years, I have developed a deep understanding of its culture, goals, and challenges. My tenure has afforded me insight into the needs and aspirations of fellow students, allowing me to effectively advocate for their interests and concerns. Furthermore, my involvement in various club initiatives and projects has honed my leadership and organizational skills, preparing me to effectively represent the fourth-year cohort. I am adept at fostering inclusive environments where all voices are heard and valued, essential qualities for a representative role. Additionally, my academic achievements and extracurricular involvement demonstrate my commitment to personal and collective growth, qualities I am eager to bring to the table as a fourth-year representative.


Hi my dearest peers,

You may know me as Miriam, or Mimi, and I’m super excited to be running for Fourth Year Representative for this upcoming year’s UWAS Council! Let me share a little more about me, why I’m deciding to run, and what it is I stand for:

I’m about to enter my fourth year in Science & Aviation, and am eager to jump into the next chapter of our university experience. This past year, I’ve been more grateful than words can say for having the opportunity of being positioned VP Marketing of UWAS. This past year’s experiences give me a great foundation with ideas of how to enrich our final year before taking off into our future careers.

As we are about to turn into the crosswind for the final circuit in our respective aviation programs, I’m more determined than ever to ensure that all of us fourth years get the most out of our time with the UW Aviation Society. My mission as your representative is to make sure that our final year is packed with opportunities for growth, learning, and professional development to best prepare for life after university.

Beyond the intricacies of propelling us toward professional success, I also strive to foster a greater sense of community and camaraderie within our year. One thing about me is that I thrive off of interacting with those around me, hearing what people have to say, and giving my all to ensure everyone around me is thriving as well.

With the help of your support and vote, I'm ready to steer our fourth-year experience towards success, ensuring that we soar to new heights both in the skies and in our careers! I’ll make sure no stone is left unturned when it comes to enriching our university experience :)


Hi everyone!


I am excited to announce my candidacy for the position of Aviation Specialization Representative within the University of Waterloo Aviation Society. My name is Carolina Moreno, and I currently am going into my final year at the University of Waterloo studying Geography and Environmental Management with a specialization in Aviation. You may recognize me from the flight centre as I have been working there as a dispatcher for about a year now, or from around campus! I am also currently in the time building phase of my flight training hoping to finish my CPL soon.


The role of Aviation Specialization Representative is one that I am deeply passionate about, as it presents an opportunity to advocate for the needs and interests of students within our program. If elected, I am committed to being a voice for our specialization, representing our unique challenges, aspirations, and opportunities within the broader aviation community.


With my background in aviation and my dedication to community involvement, I am confident in my ability to fulfill the responsibilities of this role effectively. I envision organizing informative sessions, fostering connections with industry professionals, and providing valuable support to students pursuing the aviation specialization.


Thank you for considering me for this important position, and I look forward to the opportunity to serve our aviation community!

IMG_2655_Original - Carolina Moreno.jpg

Hey everyone! I'm Ian and I am in 1st year Science and Aviation studying Chemistry and Biology. I recently started flight training and am currently in my PPL phase of training approaching my first solo. My friends describe me as outgoing, funny, persistent and open-minded, but when it comes to issues, I am insightful and thoughtful. As your science rep, I will value your concerns and ensure your voices are heard. I look forward to working with you to build a positive and engaging environment that promotes both academic and personal growth to help achieve both your science and aviation goals. When I'm not flying, I'm either swimming at PAC or studying for ground school. If you see me around, whether it be on campus or the flight school, feel free to approach me and say hi!

thumbnail_IMG_0396 (1) - Ian Ha_edited.j

Alongside my campaign for VP Outreach, I am running for the Science Representative position on UWAS. As already mentioned, I am going into my third year of the Science and Aviation program, minoring in astrophysics and am currently timebuilding for CPL.

Being a science student minoring in astrophysics, I have first hand experience of the challenges that face us science and aviation students in balancing school and flying. As the Science Representative, I will ensure that we are adequately supported in both flight training and science aspects of the program.

I will achieve this by working with both the Science and Aviation Academic Advisor, and the Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre to ensure that resources and support systems are made available to all science students. These will help us in managing and staying on top of our academics and flight training by giving us somewhere to go for ideas whenever we may need tips or guidance.

I will also achieve this goal by strengthening our involvement with the University of Waterloo Science Society. By being more involved with SciSoc, science and aviation students will be able to make social connections with other students in science, as well as make use of the various opportunities provided by SciSoc. Through this, a stronger community can be formed, which we can learn from and draw upon for support with our science courses.

Furthermore, I will achieve this goal by collaborating with the Geography Representative and Aviation Specialization Representative, to ensure that the resources and support systems are able to help all aviation students make the most out of their respective programs.

My previously mentioned experiences have helped me develop the leadership and collaborative skills required to achieve these goals, and act as a voice for all science and aviation students.


Hi, my name is Curtis McMillan and I am running for the position of Geography Representative. I am going into my third year of the Geography and Aviation program. I am running for this position as it is a crucial position that will provide me with the opportunity to provide direct involvement to the student body, and allow students to receive the support they need and deserve. By developing better insight into the geographical aspects of UWAS it will allow Geography and Aviation students to have their voices heard. I was born and raised on a farm, which has provided me with a great appreciation for nature - principles that I have been able to carry on throughout the program. I have also participated in many formal sports allowing me to create and refine a strong work ethic, ultimately developing respect and dedication in all aspects in my daily life. Teamwork is of extreme importance to me - I strive to provide equal representation to everyone that I meet and have ingrained strong teamwork into my success plan, as a student who will be a future representative. If elected, I would aim to collaborate and listen to the voices of students; and to represent them within the Geography facility, as well as within UWAS. I hope to be involved in event planning - geography themed events, including interesting guest lectures. Providing students with workshops and resources to support geographic initiatives, as well as initiatives related to the field of Aviation. I feel as though I am the best person for this job because I have a strong work ethic, and will work hard to advocate for what students require and support growth in moving forward with plans laid out by students. I will have a collaborative approach that includes everyone, and aims to create new experiences that will help get students out of their comfort zone and build confidence within themselves.


Hello, my name is Sam Ferreira, and I am a current 2nd year student running for the role as Geography Representative for the 2024/2025 academic year. I am currently in the time-building phase of flight training, beginning prep for my CPL flight test soon! Like many students in the program, I have a strong passion for the world of aviation that began at a young age. When I am not studying, spending time with friends, or exploring the outdoors, you may be able to find me at the nearest airport in awe as I watch and photograph the large jets that I aspire to fly one day.
If elected, my goal as the Geography Representative for the next year is to strengthen the relationship between all years of Geography and Aviation students to ensure our voices are heard within both the University of Waterloo Aviation Society (UWAS) and Environment Students’ Society (ESS). As I near the completion of my second year in the program, I have found it difficult thus far to connect with upper year students in the program and share my thoughts/ideas with them. To overcome this challenge, I would like to create an online space accessible to students in any year of the program. This space could offer the ability for students to ask upper-years questions, network amongst each other, and make new friends. Furthermore, and most importantly, it would offer the chance for any student within the program to easily share their views, opinions, and concerns to be brought up at UWAS and/or ESS meetings.
Thank you for taking the time to consider me as your future Geography Representative. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via email;, or Instagram; @samfaviation, and I would be happy to answer them!


My name is Sam Galloway, and I am in my second academic year of Geography and Aviation, with a specialization in Geomatics. Ever since joining the aviation program, I’ve aspired to be a member of the executive team at UWAS.

I would springboard off the pre-existing trust students have in the society and the current representative and continue to serve as the medium between the ESS and the concerns of students. Additionally, I will provide opportunities for Geography students to voice their questions or concerns with the program anonymously via a Google Form, where submissions will be addressed during both UWAS and ESS general meetings as necessary. A point of importance for me would be to host events or activities with the intention of bringing Geography students together in a medium from class and flight training, to allow for more interactions between students in different years that otherwise may not have taken place.

As your Geography and Aviation program representative, I would continue to prioritize the needs of students, ensuring questions are answered and concerns are acknowledged and rectified. Equally important is giving students the opportunity to network in a different environment, which is a vital part of my platform as a representative.


Hi! My name is Elitza, and I am excited to be running for the position of Women in Aviation Rep. I’m entering my third year of the Geography and Aviation program and am in the process of time building for my CPL. I had originally pursued studies in Mechatronics engineering, at the University of Waterloo, before transitioning into the Aviation program. I wanted to be the one flying the plane, so I’ve found my passion flying in the skies and I’d love the opportunity to represent and advocate for women in this incredible industry.

With involvement in the Ninety-Nines and UWAS, I’ve recognized the importance of inclusivity and having a support group in aviation. I want to ensure that every aspiring pilot has the support and resources to navigate their careers in this field and succeed. I’m always keeping an eye out for opportunities for women in aviation, whether it’s networking events or scholarship opportunities, so I'll be sure to keep you up to date on those.

I believe I would be a great candidate because I’m very passionate about this field and I want more women to feel as if this is a career they can pursue. I thrive on meeting new people and hearing everyone's stories, and I’m so excited to bring that enthusiasm and openness to this role.


Less than 6% of pilots in the world are women, I want to change that. Hi, my name is Madi Clark and I am a first-year student in Science and Aviation. Aviation brings me lots of happiness and being a pilot has to be the coolest thing ever – especially when I get to tell people. Speaking of people, I love making friends and learning more about others and their experiences.
I have been a supporter of women in aviation for a while now and this opportunity would allow me to represent not only the women in our program but also young girls who want to join the industry. I bring a passion for advancing gender diversity and a commitment to empowering women pursuing a career in this field. My goal is to be able to work with women in aviation clubs such as Winged warriors, Ninety Nines, and NLAF along with setting my own plan of action.
Promote visibility in the media: As social media becomes more prominent in this generation I believe we should be taking advantage of it by spreading awareness on women in this industry. Positive and diverse representations can inspire more women to pursue careers in aviation.
Create educational programs: I would love to be able to inspire young girls who are thinking of aviation as a career path. It is important to build confidence in these girls and to show them that anything is possible. Showing the future generation that women can be pilots, will support them in their aspirations.
I will stay committed to furthering the interests of women aviators as well as being a representative for future female pilots. “Waterloo ground, C-MADI, requesting clearance for your vote!”
If you see me around, come say hi.
Stay connected with me on instagram - @madi.clark



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